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G102 Halftrack
Part # Cond Description OS/MFG/ORD No. Bin
G102-020-0006 T.O. Absorber, shock - right & left C85829 1039
G067-090-0610 T.O. Adapter set, headlight, early type, mounted on fenders, 3pc. set A175422 524A
* T.O. Ammo can, M1A1(1917A1) w/ 1917A1/ 1918/ colt tri pod latch WWII 1335
* Unissued/used Ammo can, WWII - M2 - used, non welded, welded 801
G102-0200-085 TO Arm, bogie, left w/plate 518
G102-0200-070 TO Arm, bogie, right w/plate 519
G147-010-7505 N.O.S. Arm, distributor, clamp assy. B260371 1271
G102-040-0045 N.O.S. Armature assy, regulator A225826 759
H002-010-0160 N.O.S. Ball, Transmission reverse shift rod lock ( 1 per vehicle) CCAX1F 468
G102 T.O. Ball, knob, winch shift lever 735A
G147-01-16015 N.O.S. Bar, bus, circuit, breaker strip A323108/132777H 2352
Repro Barrel brackets and clamps, spare barrels, M-16 1/2 Track 6 pcs 1901
G147-011-6030 N.O.S. Base, engine oil assy w/filter shells C126262 2024
Bearing N.O.S. Bearing 1273
G102-151-8154 N.O.S. Bearing set, Crankshaft (.030 undersize) FM 714-MQ 30 2095
G102-734-2926 N.O.S. Bearing set, conn. rod .050 over 1273
G102-010-0439 N.O.S. Bearing set, crankshaft (.010 undersize) A294002 2103
G102-010-0085 N.O.S. Bearing set, crankshaft std. A294003 1049
T.O. Bearing spacer for roller 109
G102-01-00540 N.O.S. Bearing, crankshaft, rear, .010 Upper WI327181 2282
G102-030-0572 N.O.S. Bearing, needle, transfer case front drive shaft gear, 106 required A214844/SP-98-776 2200A
G067-05-01401* N.O.S. Blade, windshield wiper, 7 1/4"L, 2 required B185472 810B
G067-09-00270* N.O.S. Block, junction w/ fuses & clips 2263A
G102-030-0700 N.O.S. Block, thrust, jackshaft differential ring gear B184333 White 90261 1453
G102-152-4015 N.O.S. Board, running, Rt side 1351
G102-0200-0420 T.O. Bolt, bogie Special head Alloys - 7/8-14NF3 x 11 3/4 old f/fitting B185115 517
G102-0200-360 N.O.S. Bolt, bogie arm C86015 516
G102-020-0420 N.O.S. Bolt, bogie arm, Spec. head alloy B185115 517A
A215074 N.O.S. Bolt, flywheel housing to cylinder block - Special w/shoulder & groove G102-01-00745 1373
G102-152-4263 N.O.S. Bolt, front spring, center 1274
G147-032-4266 N.O.S. Bolt, plate retaining, oil filter A323526 2014
G147-012-4259 N.O.S. Bolt, stop, track idler shackle 2204
G67-210-0040* N.O.S. Boot, drag link rear B156113 2154
N.O.S. Boot, dust cover, transfer case rods, front - tapered leather boot w/spring 2139
G102-560-0433* N.O.S. Boot, steering knuckle, rubber C100433 1617
G102-558-6169 N.O.S. Brace, front idler post - 4 bolt type 2187
G147-012-5802 N.O.S. Brace, idler post, front 1340192H 455
T.O. Bracket Combo, Rifle holder, Israeli 2389
G102-040-0194 & G102-040-0198 T.O. Restored Bracket mounting, generator & bracket support generator w/bolts C85605 & V184138 109
T.O. Bracket, 30 caliber lower tripod, rear door 2378A
T.O. Bracket, Rifle holder, Israeli 2378
G102-020-0932 N.O.S & T.O. Bracket, bogie top roller - inner assy B185415 1443
G102-020-0931 T.O. Bracket, bogie top roller - outer assy B185414 1444
N.O.S. Bracket, brake check valve 1042B
G102-020-0790 N.O.S. Bracket, brake vacuum check valve, rubber, 1 req. 1042A
T.O. Bracket, fire extinguisher, israeli 2458
T.O. Bracket, front spring, rear - early style C87494 1450
T.O. Bracket, front spring, rear, early style C87494 1450
G102-040-0198 T.O. Restored Bracket, generator support B184138 109
G102-040-0205 N.O.S. Bracket, horn mounting C85573 1959
G102-040-0195 T.O. Restored Bracket, mounting Generator/regulator B85543 1611
G102-040-0478 N.O.S. Bracket, mounting, coil 2011
T.O. Bracket, rear - inner frame to last cross member 109
G067-050-1860* N.O.S. Bracket, shovel mounting Handle end, D A19309 1960
* Repro Bracket, shovel mounting, spade end 1960B
G102-020-0759 T.O. Bracket, support - body right (passenger side) 109
G102-020-0760 T.O. Bracket, support body left (drivers side) B185107 109
G102-020-0811 T.O. Bracket, support engine, rear D48106 109
G102-020-0022* T.O. Restored Bracket, throttle control cross rod assy B184151 1610
G102-020-0750* T.O. Restored Bracket, throttle control cross shaft assy B184153 1610A
G102-020-0820 T.O. Bracket, track idler adjusting anchor C86023 109
G102-152-815 T.O. Bracket, track idler w/bolt (G147-012-4259/B184574) C85827 1619
G102-030-0821* N.O.S. Bracket, transfer case, front drive shaft rod - interlock A214837 2224
G102-030-0825* N.O.S. Bracket, transmission, reverse rod B184271 2219
M16A1 T.O. Bracket, triple shovel head holder 1073
G102-04-00208 N.O.S. Breaker, circuit, 20 amp, klixon, 3 req. 7703946 1016B
* N.O.S. Bulbs, trouble light , WWII - for new style single contact socket - 12-16V 1089
* N.O.S. Bulbs, trouble light - WWII - double contact - 12-16V or 24V 12-16V or 24V 1065
G102-616-7759 N.O.S. Bushing, track roller 2235
A214326,327,322,324,427,216,322 N.O.S. Button horn, misc parts- Plain - No ROSS 513D
G102-040-0331* N.O.S. Button, horn assy. 7 pcs.- Plain - No Ross B184463 513-B
G102-040-0331* N.O.S. Button, horn assy.7 pcs plus wire assy-Plain - no ROSS B184463 513-A
G102-020-1620 T.O. CRAB, bogie, w/wear plates D-48407 520
G085-773-5380 N.O.S. Cable control - 8' throttle/choke 697
G102-040-0341 N.O.S. Cable, Gas gauge to toggle switch A214590 80
G102-040-0346 N.O.S. Cable, generator filter to ammeter assy (Shielded) B184592 2202
G102-040-0347 N.O.S. Cable, generator filter to regulator assy B184591 700
N.O.S. Cable, speedometer assy. to transfer case 1922A
N.O.S. Cable, tachometer assy. 44" to distrubutor 1922B
G102-010-0780 N.O.S. Camshafts 2805 354 3519 26
G067-080-0050* N.O.S. Cap, filler, radiator for vehicle w/surge tank B184618 2135
G102-010-0900 N.O.S. Cap, oil filler 966
G102-030-1125* N.O.S. Cap, transfer case, main shaft rear bearing W/oil seal assy A294023 2198
N.O.S. Capscrew 1/2 spec. A342515 1270
G067-160-0260* T.O. Case, instrument cluster, with Bezel and glass A169294/SW-G95668 2211A
D29377 Used Case, leather, sight carrying - for M4 sight, 81mm mortar; 1/2Track carrier M4-M4A1 & M21 904
G102-030-1325* N.O.S. Clamp, steering knuckle boot, inner C85750/TD-A-3280 J-1622 1616
G147-013-9784 N.O.S. Coil, resistance, electric brake controller assy A298517 1973
G102-040-0486 N.O.S. Collar, gen. armature drive end - outside A214724 2184
G102-040-0507 N.O.S. Condenser generator filter assy A215207 743
G104-184-7875* N.O.S. Connector and wiring blackout marker and service headlight assy., 2 req., WI-411263, G102,104,147,136,162,185,187,200,204,205,207,210. B226749/GL5934933 1599
G102-154-0045* N.O.S. Connector, harness wiring to headlight, wiring post type lights (also fits G103 and G104) A294100 1961
G102-040-0350 N.O.S. Core, speedometer shaft 70" B184594 2133
G102-010-1120 T.O. Restored Cover, engine valve, front C85642 109
T.O. Restored Cover, engine valve, rear C85743 109
Repro Cover, fuel tank end (back) 893A
G102 Repro Cover, fuel tank end (front) 893
G102-030-1680 T.O. Restored Cover, timing gear E3828 109
G102-040-0526 N.O.S. Cover, trailer coupling 1971
G102-030-1175 N.O.S. Cover, transmission main drive gear bearing 2120
G102-020-1745* N.O.S. Cover, transmission shift on transfer case 2115
G102-2510-618-5703 N.O.S. Cushion, back rest w/brackets, M2, M2A1, M9 International, 2 required in M2 or M2A1 147
G102-020-1772 N.O.S. Cylinder, front wheel brake B184346 2241
G102-020-1760 N.O.S. Cylinder, wheel, rear brake assy A214970 2212
G102-01-01235 N.O.S. Diaphragm, fuel pump w/pull rod assy (A214745) AC-1523132 W353098 2118A
T.O. Dipstick, engine 80
G102-155-1700 N.O.S. Distributor, ignition w/advance arm, for Vehicle w/radio shielding system A294012 2261
G102-010-1237 N.O.S. Distributors w/flange for radio shielded vehicle C85815 28
G102-659-1001 N.O.S. Door, canvas, half - drivers side D9001 1167A
G102-659-1002 N.O.S. Door, canvas, half, co-drivers side 1167-B
G102-020-1800 N.O.S. Drum, front brake C85767 73
G102-040-040-0496* N.O.S. Electric brake controls for dashboard 24W3630 8A
G102-010-1282 N.O.S. Felt, 1/4" x 3/8" x 8" 2145
G067-060-0730* N.O.S. Felt, trackdrive sprocket or front wheel brake shoe anchor pin A214971 2112
G102-040-1521 N.O.S. Felt, washer - starter gear plate A291143 2183
G102-040-0567 T.O. Restored (VG) Filter unit assy. radio shielding early vehicle w/cables to reg & ammeter 048142 - Mfg. DR1883940 742
G102* N.O.S. Filter, Fuel assy., complete unit w/housing, frame mounted 273
G102-010-312 T.O. Restored Filter, engine oil housing W/base assy (Deluxe Products type) A293996 880
G102-010-0960 N.O.S. Filter, engine oil, Early sock type B184-427 1430
2940 141 9026 N.O.S. Filter, engine oil, Military Senior - late style - cartridge type A327506 457
N.O.S. Filter, engine oil, T- handle with base, early style, sock 880B
G102-010-1315 N.O.S. Filter, fuel assy-Carb mtd. Zenith metal bowl A225980/ZF291X3 1957
G102-226-6700 N.O.S. Filter, unit, generator assy. radio shielding 2137
T.O. Fire extinguisher w/bracket, pyrene, 1 1/2 qt. 2051
G067-030-0460* N.O.S. Flange, companion, front axle differential drive pinion B156159 2193
G102-020-2020 T.O. Flange, track drive sprocket 529
G102-030-2200 N.O.S. Flanges, drive, front axle - G102, G136 289
102-010-1340 N.O.S. Float, Carburator, w/lever assy 2107
G102-030-2360 N.O.S. Fork, shift transmission 1st & 2nd gears 2099
G102-558-5610/G102-030-2400 N.O.S. Fork, shift, transmission, reverse, lower C85610 139
G102-030-2420 N.O.S. Fork, shifting, reverse, upper WH382328 2128
G102-020-2100 T.O. Frame, Bogie roller, inner assy. 521
G102-020-2120 T.O. Frame, Bogie roller, outer assy. 522
Repro Fuel tank shields - left or right - G102 501
G102-030-2615 N.O.S. Gasket PTO Cover, 6 holes B184521 686
G102-010-1420 N.O.S. Gasket, Exhaust and Intake manifolds tocylinder C85672 1953
G102-030-2860 N.O.S. Gasket, bell housing C85625 2142
G102-010-1380 N.O.S. Gasket, carburator to manifold A214356 2173
G102-010-1400 N.O.S. Gasket, cylinder head B184359 148
G147-019-4064 N.O.S. Gasket, cylinder head 61483 HA 2022
G103-159-3625* N.O.S.-restored Gasket, door, mldg. RV, B.O. market light A265618 2020
G102-010-1535 N.O.S. Gasket, engine oil filter center tube 1577
G102-010-1460 N.O.S. Gasket, exhaust manifold 2159
G102-020-2193 N.O.S. Gasket, fuel tank filler cap B184472 2170
G102* T.O. Gasket, gauge bezel, speedometer or cluster gauge 2211C
G226-526-5600* N.O.S. Gasket, headlight mtg. - 1-1/4" I.D. x 1-3/4" O.D. x 9/16" thick A265600 101
G102-030-2760 N.O.S. Gasket, main, drive gear bearing cap B184268 2182
G102-010-1465 N.O.S. Gasket, oil filter base to timing gear cover A215088 2174
G102-010-1520 N.O.S. Gasket, oil pan to timing gear cover, copper C-85628 2162
G102-010-1532 N.O.S. Gasket, oil pump cover 2171
GL921789* N.O.S. Gasket, rubber, headlight lens/reflector B16725/HRD4912-35 1552
G102-030-9000 N.O.S. Gasket, transmission, shift lever support spring cover A214788 2185
G102-010-1560 N.O.S. Gasket, valve spring cover C85693 950
G102-060-1100 N.O.S. Gasket, winch worm bearing plate A226084 2164
G067-160-0030* N.O.S. Gauge, ammeter assy. A226028 706
G102-040-0440* N.O.S. Gauge, cluster assy., French Mfg. 2211
G067-160-0200* N.O.S. Gauge, fuel level A169293 107D
G102-040-0720* N.O.S. Gauge, fuel level tank unit assy., long style M2 & M3 C855591 500
G103-020-1427* N.O.S. Gauge, oil pressure A169292/C85670 107A
G102-040-0900* N.O.S. Gauge, water temp with capillary(aka Indicator) B184389 107B
G147-019-6026 N.O.S. Gear w/shaft tachometer 107
G102-030-3140 N.O.S. Gear, drive, speedometer 7680 2141
G102-030-3090* N.O.S. Gear, drive, transmission to power take off (on transmission countershaft) B184270 2217
G102-030-3160* N.O.S. Gear, driven, speedometer, in transfer case - front drive shaft , rear cap bearing A214954 2218
G-102-030-3180* N.O.S. Gear, main drive, transmission C85614 2210
G102-030-3005 N.O.S. Gear, transfer case front driveshaft clutch B184255 2017
G102-030-3090 N.O.S. Gear, transmission to PTO on transmission countershaft B184270 2191
G102-03-03340 N.O.S. Gear, transmission, countershaft, 3rd speed 2101A
G102-618-4652 N.O.S. Gear, transmission, reverse idler (16T spur, 13T helical), supercedes G102-030-3400 2215
T.O. Generator mounting bracket assy 109
G102-174-5850 N.O.S. Generator pulley 2920 350 3219 155
G102-020-2217 T.O. Generators A393998 109
G102* T.O. Glass, speedo and cluster 2211B
8465-01-004-2893* N.O.S. Goggles, sun, wind & dust w/clear & gray lenses 1723
* T.O. Grenade, pineapple, demilled 856
G102-030-3460/G147-012-4393 N.O.S. Grommet, transmission shift lever dust cover, rubber, 1 required A214806 2168
G102-020-2305 N.O.S. Guide, track 41
G102-101-1800 N.O.S. Guide, valve, intakes, std. 2157
G067-050-2570* N.O.S. Handle, door, inner -Driver, co-driver 2134
G067-050-2580* N.O.S. Handle, door, outer driver/co-driver A215386 2189
Handle, grab bar, left side rr armor, Israeli 1/2 T. 51" L 2083A
T.O. Handle, grab bar, right side rr armor, Israeli 1/2 T. 51" L 2083
T.O. Handle, grab bar, rr armor, Israeli 43" L 2083C
T.O. Handle, grab bar, rr armor, Israeli 53" L 2083B
G067-050-2600* N.O.S. Handle, hood lifting, engine A215425 2100
T.O. Handle, upper door armor return, Israeli 2250
G102-040-0786 N.O.S. Harness chasis wiring, both harnesses for vehicles with early type tail lights-For all models except M2-M2A1-M4 & M4A1 D48421 1042
G102-040-0785 N.O.S. Harness chasis wiring, rear, left assy for all models except M3-M3-75,T30, T19 - For vehicles with early type tail lights D48197 1041
G103-153-1253* N.O.S. Harness, brass braided w/fittings 12 1/2"L x 1/2" dia 335
G102-558-5922 T.O. - Restored Head, cylinder assy. C85922 109
G067-190-0470* T.O. Headlight guard, fender mounted (drivers side) D38073 1620
G067-05-02800* T.O. Hinge, hood, inner, 6 required A215374/WI-389223 1589A
G067-140-0550 T.O. Hook, tow - front right C67459 732-A
G102-010-1850 N.O.S. Horn, air, carburetor w/choke valve assy. BS382755/C85594 500A
G102-020-2420 N.O.S. Hose, air cleaner pipe connector Autocar 24WA215 1041A
G102-010-1950 T.O. Resotred Housing, thermostat, lower B184360 109
G102-010-1951 T.O.Restored Housing, thermostat, upper B48178 109
T.O. Housing, transmission top w/shifting assy. E3819 868
G102-020-2540 T.O. Idler, adjusting, track w/studs 527
G147-723-2800 N.O.S. Insulator, carburataor to manifold A301543 2013
G102-163-2817 N.O.S. Insulator, rear engine support, lower rubber & steel assy. 1031
N.O.S. Joint, slip assy, front drive shaft 2520-557-4061 1405
G102-030-3770 N.O.S. Joint, slip, jackshaft propeller shaft assy C85579 2175
G102-570-0839 N.O.S. Kit, distributor repair 1962
G147-019-4098 N.O.S. Kit, engine cylinder head overhaul gasket set 846
42-P-5347* N.O.S. Kit, field cotter pins. Asst - 75pcs; 1-1/2" - 2-21/2" 1074
G147-385-2644 N.O.S. Kit, overhaul gaskets, lower engine crankcase A301427 2021
G102-03-03666 N.O.S. Kit, repair - hydrovac poppet 1819
G102-371-4722 N.O.S. Kit, repair fuel pump AC1539000-R-30 723
G102-371-4722 N.O.S. Kit, repair fuel pump AC1539000-R-30 723
G102-166-6045 N.O.S. Kit, repair generator/regulator cut out relay A294230 1956
G067-060-0890* N.O.S. Kit, repair master cylinder A323095 683
*G502/G102 N.O.S. Kit, repair windshield wiper motor, vacuum, all K type, small motors 6502 029 5868/ CC1056052/AMC 12040 5327347 1370
G102-020-2770 N.O.S. Kit, repair, fuel & vacuum pump A23991/AC1538213 1955
G102-020-2587 N.O.S. Knob & rod control, ventilator assy., right side B184477 1963
* N.O.S. Knob, "panel lights" switch with screw assy. 1846A
H004-050-4433* Restored Lamp B.O. Driving 6-8V 1236
H004-050-4433* Lamp unit, B.O. driving w/hood - 6-8V 185 E
H004-504-422* N.O.S. Lamp unit, B.O. stop - 12-16V assy GL5933308 1980
8-L-417* N.O.S. Lamp unit, B.O. tail signal - 4 opening 12V M001-010-7418/C84908H 1385
G103-181-9230* N.O.S. Lamp, Headlight - 4" - 12V (for G103, G136, G176) 1058
G103-181-9230* N.O.S. Lamp, Headlight 4" 12v. ser. headlight (G103, G136 & G176) 1240
N.O.S. Leaf spring 511
T.O. Leg, folding middle front seat 2459
G102-020-2730 N.O.S. Lever, carburetor throttle with stem BS382761/A214631 1957B
G102-020-2620 N.O.S. Lever, pressure, clutch, 18 req per vehicle B184301 / SP-173-C-28 2129
Restored Light unit assy. B.O. Marker, Svc headlight 12V D59636B 1131
M001-010-7356* N.O.S. Light, trouble, late style - single contact - clam shell type 2264
G102-020-2761 N.O.S. Line, fuel tank, union to shutoff w/loom 908
G067-060-0248* N.O.S. Lining set,front wheel brake - 4 facings & rivets A186508/WI364883 465
N.O.S. Loom, wire cover - 3/8" I.D. - 5/8" O.D. woven coated 1389
T.O. Misc armor pieces 194
G067-040-0540* T.O. Nut, cap 3/4 x 16 N.F. R.H. thread - right sprocket B184322 109
* N/O/S/ Oil can machine gun - blue lettering & screw on cap w/chain 1071
* N.O.S. & T.O. Oil cans - WWII; Willys, MB, or Dodge, 1/2 track - CALL 111
G102-010-1021 N.O.S. Oil coolers w/ housing assy 46
G102-030-0840 N.O.S. Parking brake calipers w/lining 58
G147-033-8758* N.O.S. Pin, anchor, track idler adjusting screw B184573 2213
G147-033-8752 N.O.S. Pin, front spring shackle A322934 2105
G102-742-147/G102-030-4780 N.O.S. Pin, steady transmission shift lever 700 2104
G102-020-2341 N.O.S. Pintle hooks(no springs incl) Remove ring for Halftrack use 34
G102-020-4485 N.O.S. Pipe, radiator, lower, "for Halftrack without winch" C85781 1965
G102-020-4480 N.O.S. Pipe, radiator, upper D48133 1964
G102-010-2526 N.O.S. Pipe, water pump to oil cooler hsng (brass) A215086 466
G102-010-2526 N.O.S. Pipe, water pump to oil cooler hsng (brass) A215086 466
G067-060-0050* N.O.S. Piston assy, master cylinder A167882 1151
G102-17-38817 N.O.S. Piston, .040 over, without rings 1016B
G102-040-1225 N.O.S. Plate, breaker, distributor 2197
G102-020-4643* T.O. Restored Plate, radiator louvre ratchet B185290 109
T.O. Plate, spring angle setting (Btw spring & axle) 1449
G102-010-2657 N.O.S. Plug, carburetor main discharge jet, 2 required A214598 2107A
N.O.S. Plug, single contact for armored elec. accessory. Male 575
G102-521-4796 N.O.S. Plunger, transmission reverse shift rod bracket lock A214796 2143
G102-030-6790 N.O.S. Power take off, winch assy D48227 2263
G102-010-2740 T.O. Pump, fuel & vacuum 2349
G102-010-2740 N.O.S. Pump, fuel and vacuum assy 2353
G102-010-2760 N.O.S. Pump, oil assy - White Motors C85679 315
T.O. Rack, 30 cal ammo cans. holds 4, Israeli 2379
T.O. Rack, Pioneer Tools, Israeli 2352
401237 N.O.S. Radio power cables - Half-track M-16 401237 M16 386
G102-521-4438 N.O.S. Receptacle, dashboard light; Double contact, late version 1045
G102-040-1261* N.O.S. Regulator - Individual part inside cover 3890 587
C100633A* N.O.S. Resistor w/cover B.O. Drive Headlight 1554
G102-176-9857* N.O.S. Resistor, stop & tail light A215697 2119
G102-030-5300 N.O.S. Retainer front axle inner shaft 88
G102-521-4761 N.O.S. Retainer, diaphram spring 1550
T.O. Rim, armored wheel 175
2805 354 3558 N.O.S. Ring set, piston standard 2802 1378
G102-176-9891 N.O.S. Ring set .040 over 1016A
G147-036-9950 N.O.S. Ring set, piston std. A298690 2019
G102-102-960 N.O.S. Ring, piston B184397 1275
G102-056-5378 N.O.S. Ring, snap transmission 2148
G102-010-3066 N.O.S. Ring, snap, water pump front bearing A22512 2181
G102-020-4743 T.O. Rings, wheel side For combat wheels C85770 601
G102-251-0350 N.O.S. Rod Support windshield armor 2310 350 2871 869
* N.O.S. Rod support, windshield armor plate, center & co drivers side 2026A
G102-020-5180 N.O.S. Rod, adjusting, track idler, early type 2214
G102-020-4815 N.O.S. Rod, brake pedal to electric brake control rod A214430 2201
G102-030-5510 N.O.S. Rod, shift transfer case direct & under drive - 8-3/4"L B184248 2136
G102-020-4896* N.O.S. Rod, support windshield armor plate driver side B185205 2026
G102-030-5491 N.O.S. Rod. push, hydrovac hydraulic cylinder piston 65
T.O. Roller, track support 617
G102-050-0465* N.O.S. Saw, crosscut - 5ft. 2 man E3837 2236
G102-020-5213 N.O.S. Screw set, disk brake lever arm pin Sq. Hd. A214649 2152
G102-020-5027 N.O.S. Screw, adjusting track idler w/bushing assy B184568 1442
G102-020-5060 N.O.S. Screw, bleeder, rear brake system, 2 reg. A214983 2026A
G102-030-5576* N.O.S. Screw, shoulder, gear shifter rails, transmission B214811 2225
G102-010-3245 N.O.S. Screw, vibration damper, 1 7/8" hex hd 2058
G102-521-5952 N.O.S. Seal 2138
N.O.S. Seat, M2 and M2A1, "Jump Seat", between stowage lockers 1
G102-030-6000 N.O.S. Seat, bumper, steering draglink spring A214403 2179
G102-010-3410 N.O.S. Seat, carb. float needle valve assy A214626 2177
G102-020-5265 N.O.S. Seat, drivers, assy. C86046 2206
Repro Seat, pans, M2, center seat 46A
G102-159-3651 N.O.S. Sending unit, fuel tank, short style for M15 w/ under floor fuel tank SW439074 1978
G102-010-2878 N.O.S. Set, piston rings set of 24 std. A294005 1378
G147-038-4729 T.O. Shackle, track idler w/shaft A323375 1448
G102-030-6060 NOS Shaft propeller w/joints (Rear driveshaft) C85506 625
G102-030-6100 N.O.S. Shaft, axle (rear axle) 2530 558 6100 398
G102-020-5443* T.O. Restored Shaft, cross, throttle control B184150 1610B
G102-020-5441 T.O. Shaft, jackshaft, rear axle 228
G102-030-6147 N.O.S. Shaft, mounting, tranasfer case shift lever B184277 2192
G102-020-5375 T.O. Shaft, track idler w/shackle assy. 530
G102-030-6160* N.O.S. Shaft, transfer case, intermediate (Idler shaft) C85612 2200
G102-030-6080* N.O.S. Shaft, transmission reverse idler gear w/plug assy B184284 2194
G147-038-4850 N.O.S. Shell, engine oil filter assy B262431 2023
G102-030-6500 N.O.S. Shim, transmission, transfer front drive shaft, rear bearing cap 2121
G102-020-5510 N.O.S. Shroud 2188
G102-738-5446* N.O.S. Sleeve, compression spring pintle hook 16782 2114
G067-230-0710* N.O.S. Sleeve, speedometer driven gear (in trans. case frt dr. shaft rr brg cap.) A167650 SP55-454-1 542
G102-030-5400* N.O.S. Snap ring, transmission counter shaft drive gear - 1-11/16" I.D. x .095 thick A214972 2228
G102-020-5740 N.O.S. Spacer, bogie roller and top roller bearing B185113 744
G102-010-3585 N.O.S. Spacer, crankshaft B184352 2163
G102-030-6617 N.O.S. Spacer, transfer case shift lever shaft A214801 2131
G102-2920-350-3088 N.O.S. Spark plug wires (purple) 50
G102-020-6006/G102-020-5651 N.O.S. Spring & Sleeve, pintle hook A135834 (Sp) 06838V (Sleeve) 34B
G102-020-5962 T.O. - Restored Spring Compression - track idler, inner C85 833 903
G102-020-5823 T.O. Spring, bogie 525
T.O. Spring, compression - track idler, outer A294072 C85832 902
G102-010-3839 N.O.S. Strap, adjusting, fan belt from waterpump to generator B184139 639
G102-010-3835 N.O.S. Strap, exhaust center manifold to intake manifold screw A226059 2144
G102-700-6331 N.O.S. Strap, supports canvas top, 2 required, 175" long C153373B 820
G102-618-4495 Straps, leather - 3/4"Wx14-5/8"L 2153
G103-050-2095* N.O.S. Stud & Connector regulator terminal assy. 1989
G102-538-5308 N.O.S. Stud & lead, connector terminal G147-039-2286/DR18100 2151
G102-010-3861 N.O.S. Stud, cylinder head, for replacement if threads in block are stripped A294108 2176
N.O.S. Stud, regulator cover, inter, harv. DR1888052 2151A
T.O. - Restored Support, trunnion engine support -front D48137 109
G102-050-0065* N.O.S. Support, axe handle A138945 2113
G102-020-6168 T.O. Support, engine front - left on frame C85505 109
G102-020-6185 T.O. Support, engine, front - right on frame 109
* N.O.S. Switch assy, instrument panel (knob sold separartely) 1846B
G102-040-1517 Repro Switch, cranking motor (push button) B-184176 107C
G067-090-5870* N.O.S. Switch, stoplight (hydraulic), master cylinder, 1 req., Also fits G067 & G507 A167682 2288A
G147-040-0093 N.O.S. Thermostat B258613 2012
G102-010-3960 N.O.S. Thermostat assy B184361 1958
G103-180-0300* N.O.S. Thermostats 146 degrees & 165 degrees A261911 161
G102-02-01819 N.O.S. Tie rod end w/ stud assy. 2205A
* N.O.S. Trouble lights (Rusty) WWII Clamshell type - no cord 1064
* N.O.S. Trouble lights, cord approx 20"L w/plug & Fuse (no light) 1063
G067-210-0030* N.O.S. U-Bolt, steering column A167836 2205
N.O.S. Valve block, fuel, brass, behind drivers seat 889
G102-020-6442* N.O.S. Valve, brake vacuum with steel bracket A303510 FMG8T 2089 2150
G147-044-3026 N.O.S. Washer, rear engine mount bolt 1272
G102-030-7060* N.O.S. Washer, retaining, transfer case intermediate shaft bearing A214852 2226
G147-04-43054 N.O.S. Washer, spacer, Int. Harv. DR1837054 2151B
G102-030-7380* N.O.S. Washer, thrust, transmission main shaft, 2nd speed gear (2 required) A214825 2227
G102-0100-680 N.O.S. Water pumps C85699 40
N.O.S. Windshield defroster 462
G102 T.O. Wiper motor 40A
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