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Part # Cond Description OS/MFG/ORD No. Bin
* Unissued/used Ammo can, WWII - M2 - used non welded, welded 801
G280-834-0763 N.O.S. Ballast, tank dump levers 533
G103-010-0126* N.O.S. Barrel & clutch assy B105683 1514
G214-3030-556-7972 N.O.S. Belts - 1/2" x 31" 281
T.O. Box, generator regulator and relay panel 957B
G103-050-0235* N.O.S. Box, terminal, generator 572
G103-050-0242 N.O.S. Brush, generator, assy (M2A1) DR-1856494 546
2580 190 5185 N.O.S. Brushes, gen-LVT-A-1,LVT-A-2,LVT2,LVT4 DR1905185/A309275 198
G209-734-3213 N.O.S. Bushing, insert-threaded; inside 9/16" N.C./Outside 1" N.C., 7/8" L 302
H006-01-00350 N.O.S. Clamp, hose, 1 1/8" 745-2A 534
G167-013-7987 N.O.S. Clip, closed 1/2" line (Clamp) FOM-8X1012B 544
F.O.M. 70X1048B N.O.S. Conductor, ground radio junction box w/terminal assy 7035214 1242
T.O. Cooler, oil, transmision 1473
G214-614-1517 N.O.S. Cover 1236
Restored Flare boxes 957
G103-21-38266* N.O.S. Frame, commutator end with brushes and conduit elbow DR190208 270C
G214-703-6733 N.O.S. Fuel Line - Primer lines N1045 40818 19
T.O. Fuse setter - M26 w/case 103A
G167-01-80576 N.O.S. Fuse, 15 amp. control panel P403 544A
CO-5977 T.O. Generator, engine 1498
42-P-5347* N.O.S. Kit, field cotter pins. Asst - 75pcs; 1-1/2" - 2-21/2" 1074
G214-556-1089 N.O.S. Lever, hand brake & steering assy C61089 292
FMC P789 N.O.S. Light unit, sealed beam, Headlight 12-16V-LVT (A)(1)-A2-4-A4 897
406235* N.O.S. Manifold, fan drive shaft LVT-3 F85962 854
G104-618-3326* N.O.S. Nozzle fixed fire ext. system, shielded front & center, right & left 9/323 orifice, 4 req. larger orifice B183326 297C
G103-158-3050* N.O.S. Oil filter, automatic - CUNO Auto Clean w/motor & cartridge-Type AT5 95134 391
N.O.S. Oil seal C.W.S. stock No. 8156 885
Ford Mach. Pt. 5066355 N.O.S. Piston rings - LVT (A) (1) Dwg. A309237 1490
G167-033-8854 N.O.S. Pistons - G167, LVT MK11 112
Hudson Motor Co* N.O.S. Pump, hand priming, Hudson Invader Engine, Landing Craft 168 Invader 1458
G103-050-0138* N.O.S. Race, cranking motor drive housing ball, inner, 1 req. LVT A1, A2 & A4 DR 1887758 957D
G103-5-195* N.O.S. Regulators- G102-G103-G067 Also fits M3Stuart, LVT's, 1/2 tracks, shielded model DR111 8473 166
G167-036-7637 N.O.S. Retainer, bogie wheel bearing grease seal FOM-5B108A 543
G103-050-1985* N.O.S. Ring, cranking motor drive clutch spring, w/studs assy. DR 1887717 957C
FOM-20X1716C* T.O. Seat support assy, M4A4, M4 & M4A1 drivers, asst driver & gunner, also LVT4 (2nd type) D78095 742
G038-0168494* N.O.S. Seat, carburetor needle valve assy B5-P-13677 547
G214-614-1514 N.O.S. Shaft 1243
G168-703-7045 N.O.S. Shaft bilge pump impeller-13 3/4"L x 11"H x 4 3/8" W V159B/FMC P 813 55
G214-73-78402 N.O.S. Shaft, drive, bilge pump, 1 req., LVT 4 + others CO35398 / 7378402 957A
T.O. Signal flare box (for 12 flares) Fold down doors-each side-13 3/4"L x 11'H x 4 3/8"W 957
G167-038-9793 N.O.S. Sprockets, rear - G167, LVT MK11 2530 350 1042 213
G103-040-0040 N.O.S. Steering brake bands - G214 w/lining D30272 67
G168-723-7120 N.O.S. Switch Type EE - G168 LVT MK11 - ARK-LES 9 S 4718L 327
T.O. Vision blocks 237
T.O. Vision blocks without glass 238
G167-044-6893 N.O.S. Wheel, track return idler assy FOMSIX1035D 954
Part # Cond Description OS/MFG/ORD No. Bin
G501-734-2068 N.O.S. Adapter, speedo drive G501-010-1826 1279
* Unissued/used Ammo can, WWII - M2 - used non welded, welded 801
G501-011-8042* N.O.S. Bearing sets, main eng. crankshaft .030 under GM2137741 1954
G501-026-1038 G501-026-1038 Bearing, rod 1276
N.O.S. Bracket, tarp tie down 662
G501-027-6540 N.O.S. Brake kit, lining hand 807
G501-526-5584 N.O.S. Cable, brush 413
G501* N.O.S. Cable, engine & ignition w/ignition shield; CCKW Chasis & aft 394577 GM2205439 2000
G501-01-37817 N.O.S. Clamp, seal to axle propeller shaft housing assy., 6 required GM2181877 589C
G501-01-37818 N.O.S. Clamp, seal to front axle and intermediate axle, assy., 1 required GM2181879 589B
G501-01-37816 N.O.S. Clamp, seal to pillow block assy. GM2181876 589A
T.O. Clutch petal and linkage 2151580 577
T.O. Compass, Holding brackets for mounting to dash mt. 589
N.O.S. Cover, dust, tire pump drive shaft assy. GMC2201421/UP-41083 578A
T.O. Driveshaft w/sprocket 48" 577
T.O. Driveshaft, 41" 577
T.O. Driveshafts, propeller, 4 sections 577
T.O. Filler tube, oil w/breather 577
G501-734-7366 N.O.S. Filter, fuel assy. less brkt - fiber GM1595826 698
G501-01-84617 N.O.S. Flange, exhaust pipe to bulkhead seal assy., 1 required GM2183126 578
T.O. Floor grates 577
T.O. Floorboard w/driveshaft bracket 577
T.O. Fuel pump 577
G501-019-4046 N.O.S. Gasket set for G501-508 transfer case 2151667 409
G501-019-4034 N.O.S. Gasket, axle transfer case cover G.M.C. 3659858 1431
G501-019-4017 N.O.S. Gasket, transmission power take off opening cover 1439
G501-700-2110 N.O.S. Gauge, air, tank pressure assy., "Sand, Coral, Hiway" GM-1506643 578B
G501-447-2372 N.O.S. Gear 2805-447-2372 795
T.O. Hangers, tools/equipment 577
G501-021-7834 N.O.S. Hose, brake - flexible - front 26 25/32"L - 2 required 470
G501-021-7833 N.O.S. Hose, rear brake assy GM2179972 758
G501-700-2114 N.O.S. Kit, Conn. Rod bearing .010 oversize 805
42-P-5347* N.O.S. Kit, field cotter pins. Asst - 75pcs; 1-1/2" - 2-21/2" 1074
42-P-5347* N.O.S. Kit, field cotter pins. Asst - 75pcs; 1-1/2" - 2-21/2" 1074
G501-701-0688 N.O.S. Kit, fuel pump AC 1538698 808
G085-381-9384* N.O.S. Kit, horn button 1155
G501-014-5890 N.O.S. Kit, repair front brake wheel cyl GM2150680 951
G501-75-38158 N.O.S. Kit, repair generator regulator 951A
T.O. Levers, transfer case 577
T.O. Misc parts 577
591331 N.O.S. Oil seals H013 050 0118 407
G136-033-6450* T.O. Pintle, towing w/shaft & spring 707C
G501-753-8115 N.O.S. Pipe, exhaust, engine to bulkhead GM220-7398 2010
T.O. Pipes, bilge pump 8-9ft 577
G501-774-4959 N.O.S. Piston - .060 over GM2136848 899
G501-753-8295 N.O.S. Piston w/pin & retainer ring 806
G501-753-8294 N.O.S. Piston, standard GM2136841 727
T.O. Pump, Bilge w/driveshafts and pulleys 577
8341238 N.O.S. Pump, bilge, Peerless 577
T.O. Radiator pipes 577
G501-036-7348 N.O.S. Regulator, voltage assy GM1883225 765
G501-700-1963 N.O.S. Ring, piston, compression, taper face tire pump 6501-839-9106 1278
T.O. Seat brackets 577
T.O. Seat frame, c o-driver w/ext. bracket - no pads 577
G501-036-9903 N.O.S. Snap ring GM2019975 1277
G501-038-9403 N.O.S. Spacer, trans. rev. idler gear bearing GM2073101 357
T.O. Spring hanger bracket 577
G501-700-1943 N.O.S. Springs 700 1943 408
T.O. Steering shaft w/U-joint 577
G501-03-92152 N.O.S. Strainer, forward bilge pump assy., 3 required 578C
T.O. Thermostat housing 577
T.O. Tie down, canvas 577
T.O. Tool & equipment hangers 577
T.O. Tool & equipment holders 577
G501-033-2829 N.O.S. Transfer case bearing seal oil, water propeller 834
K24174 T.O. Transmission shifter housing w/forks and shift lever 577
T.O. Valve assy, central tire inflation system 577
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