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HI SPEED TRACTORG150-M4A1 - 18 TONG162 - M5 A4-A1-A-A3G184 - M6 38 TON - G252 M8A1-M8E2 Tractor Cargo
Part # Cond Description OS/MFG/ORD No. Bin
* Unissued/used Ammo can, WWII - M2 - used non welded, welded 801
G162-112-1058 T.O. Arm, Trailing idler w/bushings& idler wheel assy, spring broken D77365 - G150-G162 1076
G150-01-10529 N.O.S. Armature (M4A1, 18 ton), 1951 15931FS 65
G252-337-6549 N.O.S. Bolt assy, Idler adj., M8 21972 1856A
G162-012-6261 N.O.S. Brush 1301
G150-012-8021 N.O.S. Bushing-threaded - tach drive adapter clamp 168
G150-013-1476 N.O.S. Cam assy., breaker distributor, G184 and G150 DR1900610 1856C
G184-628-3113 N.O.S. Carburator, Hi Spd Tractor M6, 38T 1937
G184-628-3113 N.O.S. Carburator, Hi Spd Tractor M6, 38T 1937
T.O. Cargo compartment locking door key - cleaned & primered 1085
5___533-2076 N.O.S. Clip, fuel tube and tachometer 1491
G150-657-8569 N.O.S. Clutch discs w/lining-if used on G.A.A. cut rings off 2520 657 8569 85
G104-732-6559* N.O.S. Conduit w/wire - 1/4"x30" 320
G104-184-7875* N.O.S. Connector and wiring blackout marker and service headlight assy., 2 req., WI-411263, G102,104,147,136,162,185,187,200,204,205,207,210. B226749/GL5934933 1599
G150-628-2879 N.O.S. Cushions, seat side 269
G162-867-75368 N.O.S. Data plates Hi-speed tractor - Drivers right side 2590 693 3199 250
G252-837-2469 N.O.S. Drum, winch, front door hull M8E1, M8E2 1455
G102-040-0496* N.O.S. Electric brake controls for dashboard 24W3630 8A
T.O. Float and rod, fuel tank 1084
M5A4 T.O. Front bumper 1075
G150-034-5888 N.O.S. Fuel pumps AC5591565 128
G160-019-3986 N.O.S. Gasket, steering gear 1300
G104-050-2120* N.O.S. Gauge, meter, hour, Hobbs Mfg., 24 volt, M7 Priest G128-618-3420 B183420 2297
G104-050-2120* T.O. Gauge, meter, hour, Hobbs Mfg., 24 volt, M7 Priest G128-618-3420 2298
G150-019-6062 N.O.S. Gear, with shaft assy C139445 453
G162 N.O.S. Harness assy from power source to radio control box 314
T.O. Instrument Panel 128B
G150-024-8794 N.O.S. Joint, universal assy. short driveshaft 2530 563 9513/C139513 319
N.O.S. Kit, Bendix Drive, strarting motor BB7951/F4565 1856D
G252-7376236 N.O.S. Kit, Hand valve repair, M8E2 & M8A1 HST, 1950 - 1955 1856B
G150-70-06788 N.O.S. Kit, carburetor, G150 & G184, Zenith 7050020 698
G150-027-4301 N.O.S. Lever, float, eng. rear carb. Thro. plate w/bushing assy A347979 1293
G098-1100070 N.O.S. Nut, Hi, caterpillar D-7, M1 Heavy tractor 453A
G150-189-4407 N.O.S. Nut, engine connecting rod bolt 1302
B260406 T.O. Plug, headlight bracket 1HC131741H 1067
G184-536-6231 N.O.S. Pressure relief valve 1296
C100633A* N.O.S. Resistor w/cover, BO drive headlight 1554
G102-176-9857* N.O.S. Resistor, stop and tail light A215697 2119
G162-164-9401 N.O.S. Rod assy A325187 1295
N.O.S. Seat covers, set of 4, canvas, M5 2540-741-3439 1171
G252-737-6284 N.O.S. Spring, foot valve return, M8E1 and M8A1, Mfd. 1950-1955 1054A
G162-168-7430 N.O.S. Stud 1297
G162-74-12616 N.O.S. Stud, shoulder mounting, M5 HST & variants AC14229 453B
G150-628-3403 N.O.S. Switch, ignition 1856
G150-563-9825 N.O.S. Tightener, belt, engine, with pulley and mounting bracket, M4A1 18 ton 270
G184-538-5902 Rebuilt Transmissions assy.- G184-M6 - 0280-002585 (1300-lb fully crated) A385902/2520 773 85902 84
G150-044-7770 N.O.S. Wiper motor assy. without arm or blade, M4 250A
ALL MOTOR CARRIAGES M41/G236 - M40/G204,G205 M43/G232 -M7B1/G199
Part # Cond Description OS/MFG/ORD No. Bin
1118488 T.O./Restored Boot, shifting level, transmission, white half track 1977
G236-2520-705-2395 N.O.S. Latches M41, G236 Motor carriage 3890 241
G248-529-6996* N.O.S. Resistors, blackout headlight 24V to 12V-Twin 40 MM Gun M19A1 A296996 1011
G104-177-3307* N.O.S. Rod, connecting w/bushing-G104,187,199,204,205,210,225,226,233 2805 562 4333; C124333 394
2910-625-8218* N.O.S. Rod, throttle assy., GAA 43
G200-708-4008* N.O.S. Seal, clutch piston inner. Also fits G200 Chaffee Tank and G238 M37 Howitzer 42A
G232-703-3291* N.O.S. Seat backs -M43 motor carriage G232-204-205 7033 291 13
G170-039-3786* N.O.S. Switch, selector fuel tanks, inst panel assy M10-M10A1, M4 & M4A1 Sherman, "used with Sherman instrutment panel D50202" B194623 171
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