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A yellow background color indicates the part was added within the past 30 days.
WEASEL -M29-M29C - G154-G179
Part # Cond Description OS/MFG/ORD No. Bin
G179-700-7605 N.O.S. Adapter, carburator to air cleaner hose SD908321 1739
G179-023-8449 N.O.S. Adapter, carburator to manifold SD905137 1799
G179-562-8315 N.O.S. Adapter, water pump SD905187 1757B
* Unissued/used Ammo can, WWII - M2 - used non welded, welded 801
Repro Arm, bogie lifting. Used with jack and bracket to raise bogies 1779F
G179-701-0544 N.O.S. Arm, operating tiller, right w/integral fastener assy SD954273 1872
G179-701-0545 Repro Arm, operating, tiller, left without fastener, M29C only SD954094U/7010545 1975B
G508-771-2426* N.O.S. Arm, spotlight with extension assy. 7712426 51
G179-012-0752/G179-530-0752 N.O.S. Arm, support, bogie spring w/bushings assy SD905621 1769
G179-534-6954 N.O.S. Arm, support, bogie spring w/bushings assy SD908125/A346954 1768
G179-012-1050 N.O.S. Armature, generator SD905839/B266580 1892A
8300-908231 N.O.S. Baffle, carb. adapter to manifold (mixture deflector) (1 req) M29C SD908231/7061968 1799A
G179-709-7859 N.O.S. Ball, tension, spring adjusting stud, track support rollers SD908721 1903
G179-570-1398 N.O.S. Bearing set, .030 under, main bearing 3960 2069
G179-530-7496 N.O.S. Bearing, 0.030 under, intermediate, plain, 2 halves SD512801 1897
G154-011-8019 N.O.S. Bearing, ball, T84 tranny, main shaft, #206 SD197276/A307765 1715D
G179-015-6037 N.O.S. Bearing, bushing type - brass, split, 1/2"w Steering brake control hand lever shaft, 1 req. SD905558 1765
G154-012-8019 N.O.S. Bearing, bushing type, camshaft #4, rear, 1 required SD196974/A307400 3125C
G154-012-8016 N.O.S. Bearing, bushing type, camshaft, front #1, 1 required SD196971/A307397 3125
G154-012-8018 N.O.S. Bearing, camshaft #3, rear center, 1 required SD196973/A307399 3125B
G154-012-8017 N.O.S. Bearing, camshaft, bushing type, intermediate front #2, 1 required SD196972/A307398 3125A
G154-011-8004 N.O.S. Bearing, crankshaft - rear plain, Std, intermediate SD197004/A307406 1708
G179-530-7404 N.O.S. Bearing, crankshaft, front assy. w/ flanges SD-196998 1740
G179-530-744 N.O.S. Bearing, crankshaft, front, flanged, .020 undersize, consists of 2 halves SD196998/A307404 1346
G154-01-18001 N.O.S. Bearing, crankshaft, front, w/flanges (.010 undersize) SD196997/A307403 1538C
G154-01-18000 N.O.S. Bearing, crankshaft, front, w/thrust flanges (std) SD196996/A307402 1538A
G154-011-8004 N.O.S. Bearing, crankshaft, intermediate 2nd, 3rd Std SD512975/A307492 1709
G179-530-7405 N.O.S. Bearing, crankshaft,front, w/flanges (.030 undersize) SD196999/A307405 1538B
G179-015-6032 N.O.S. Bearing, distributor driveshaft thru distributor support, bronze, 1 required SD905125/A308459 1917B
G154-012-8028/G179-53-07693 N.O.S. Bearing, idler wheel, bushing type, 4 req. bronze SD-901065 / A307693 1580
G154-011-8002 N.O.S. Bearing, rear, crankshaft, std. SD197004 1908
G179-74-16066 N.O.S. Bearing, set, .010 undersize, mains. Each box contains 4 complete bearings, 1 front flanged, 2 intermediates and 1 rear ORD7416066 1538
G179-015-6038 N.O.S. Bearing, steering brake drum, center bushing type, 2 required B266588 1770A
H012-070-9424 Bearing, track support roller, needle type, M29/M29C, 8 required SD900812 1765A
N.O.S. Belt, capstan drive, 1 required SD-908237/7010584, 507330 1778A3
G179-626-6633 N.O.S. Belt, crankshaft to water pump/fan SD905667 1920
G179-626-6633 Modern Replacement Belt, crankshaft to water pump/fan SD905667 1920A
G179-013-6507 Modern Replacement Belt, generator to water pump/fan, 40 Amp generator, 1 required SD905252/B266429 1920B
G179-70-1593 N.O.S. Belt, generator to water pump/fan, 55 Amp generator, 1 required 507329 1920C
G179-70-1593 Modern Replacement Belt, generator to water pump/fan, 55 Amp generator, 1 required 507329 1920D
G179-025-7075 N.O.S./T.O.(vg) Blade, fan, engine M29-M29C SD905304 1733
G154-012-2523 T.O. Block, filler, oil pan SD195282 / B266100 1734B
G179-706-1965 N.O.S. Block, juction, ignition assy SD908162 1743
G179-626-6641 N.O.S. Bogie wheel & tire assy SD908175 83
G179-530-8551 T.O. Bolt, "U", tension spring, idler wheel, used on all vehicles up to 14999, 4 required SD905720/A308551 1764A
8300-908127 Repro Bolt, bogie spring yoke, through support arm, drilled for grease fitting SD908127 1780
A346958 N.O.S. Bolt, bogie spring yoke, thru bogie spring 11/16" - 11x4-3/8" DLD for grease fitting SD908182 1844
G179-753-9925 N.O.S. Bolt, clip, U bolt intermediate spring 1/2" N.F. 2-1/2" x 3" SD90825 1814
G179-534-6959 N.O.S. Bolt, hx hd., drilled 4 grease fitting, spring supt. arm, lower SD908183 1783B
New Books, Rebuilders Set, (5 books and 1 lube chart)
N.O.S. Box, radio terminal w/ junction block 1705A
A308463 N.O.S. Bracket mount, motor, Engine front SD905138/2805-530-8463 1581
G179-70-10653 N.O.S. Bracket, M29C, mounting, Rudder to Stern 1872A
G179-562-8317 N.O.S. Bracket, adj, tension spring, front - thru Veh 14999 SD905272 1873
G179-562-8446 N.O.S. Bracket, adj. tension spring, rear, thru Veh 14999 SD905971 1874
G179-562-8445 N.O.S. Bracket, adjusting spring tension - rear right thru SN14999 SD905970/C128445 1875
Repro Bracket, battery hold down, repro from original
Repro Bracket, battery hold down, repro from original 1721
T.O. Bracket, capstan assy., Includes bracket SD908062, Pulley assy. 707613, Shaft 7010500 and U-Joint assy. 7010488 1975C
N.O.S. Bracket, capstan w/ bushing and lube fitting assy, SD908066/7007610 1778a
T.O. Bracket, capstan winch, support, drive pulley shaft with lube fitting SD908062/7007552 1975B
G179-530-8492 N.O.S. Bracket, clutch pedal shaft support, right SD905410/A308492 1745
G179-62-66457 N.O.S. Bracket, clutch pedal shaft support-left SD905557/B266457 1744
B179-706-1998 N.O.S. Bracket, clutch release cable conduit anchor clip-aft Veh 2365 SD908288/7061998 1812
7010585 N.O.S. Bracket, drive tract guide wheel, front w/shaft assy. M29, M29C -aft SN4102 SD908395 1766
7010422 T.O. Bracket, drive, track guide wheel,front w/cups less shaft SD908269/M29-M29C 1831
Repro Bracket, floater side skirt, track apron to stern, left (Drivers side), 1 required, M29C 1778I
N.O.S. Bracket, floater side skirt, track apron to stern, left (Drivers side), 1 required, M29C 1778J
Repro Bracket, floater side skirt, track apron to stern, right, 1 required, M29C 1778H
Repro Bracket, floater, track apron to bow, upper left, 1 required, M29C SD953915/7010536 1778L
Repro Bracket, floater, track apron to bow, upper right, 1 required, M29C SD953914/7010537 1778K
G179-626-6452 N.O.S. Bracket, generator support - rear SD905513 1528
Repro Bracket, jack. Used with jack and lifting arm to raise bogies 1779G
G179-709-7881 N.O.S. Bracket, mounting ammeter SD674436 1347
G179-530-8464 N.O.S. Bracket, mounting engine front support assy., left, M29, 1 required SD905139 1742
G179-530-8463 N.O.S. Bracket, mounting engine front support assy., right, 1 required SD905138 1742A
G179-732-4238 N.O.S. Bracket, mounting, fuel gauge SD667396 1756
G179 Repro Bracket, radio tray support, 2 required 1765A
G179-701-6583 N.O.S. Bracket, rear wheel carrier brace rod-RH-after SN13560 SD908655 1900
N.O.S. Bracket, regulator mounting 1774A
G179-657-2964 N.O.S./T.O. Bracket, spring bumper SD905214/D723964 1926
B179-530-8497 N.O.S. Bracket, steering & axle transmission control cross shaft, right SD905464 1813
G179-015-1606 N.O.S. Bracket, threaded bogie spring support arm SD905609 1850
G179-701-0548 Repro Bracket, track apron to bow, drivers side, lower left assy., M29C, 1 required SD954467 1778B1
G179-701-0549 Repro Bracket, track apron to bow, engine side, lower right assy., M29C, 1 required SD954466 1778B2
G179-476-1993 N.O.S. Bracket, transmission remote control shift lever (shift & steer levers mount into it) SD908246 1745A
G179-562-8275 N.O.S. Brake bands, steering -w/lining SD900671 63
G179 T.O. Breather, differential with tube and cap 1711A
G179-015-5808 N.O.S. Bumper, front & rear bogie spring SD905862/A308591 1747
N.O.S. Bushing & retainer, clutch release shaft bearing, rt. SD512756 / A307490 1805A
G154-012-8026 N.O.S. Bushing, axle differential - drive shaft gear SD9000713 1740
G154-012-8022 N.O.S. Bushing, piston, bronze - 13/16"L - 0.740925 I.D.; 0.877 O.D. SD515068 1848
G154-038-9400 N.O.S. Bushing, spacer, front engine mount cushion, 2 req. SD194496 / A307342 1742C
G154-012-8021 N.O.S. Bushing,retainer, clutch release, left, w/oiler, M29C SD512755/A307489 1805
Repro Button set, hull, brass, with hardware 1778F
G179-626-6435 N.O.S. Cable & conduit, clutch release M29-M29C SD905142 1793
G179-657-3016 N.O.S. Cable, accelerator w/tube & yokes SD905529 1795
G179-732-4177 N.O.S. Cable, fuel pump ground, 1 required SD908928 1763D
G179-016-2625 N.O.S. Cable, high tension distributor to coil w/supressor & terminals SD905697/A308544 1859
G179-700-7411 N.O.S. Cable, radio terminal box to batt. positive post w/conn assy - after SN 3102 SD908301 1865
G179-700-7410 N.O.S. Cable, radio terminal box to battery negative post w/ conn assy. SD908302 1865A
N.O.S. Cable, voltage regulator batt. term to spotlight reel 1 req. SD954246 / 8300-954246 2069C
N.O.S. Cables, generator to voltage regulator, used after 3103, M29 & C SD908344 / 7007615 2069D
N.O.S. Cam assy., ignition distributor timer SD905832 / B266576 1699A
G179-701-0570 N.O.S. Cam, capstan gear clutch, 1 required, SD908377/BRA-J2-101C 1778A3
G154-013-1486 N.O.S. Camshaft, engine, 1 required SD199134/E6905 1374G
G179-01-63192 N.O.S. Cap, carburetor filter w/ gasket assy. SD905890/A308605 1779A
G179-732-4230 Cap, fuel tank filler with chain SD908966 3118
G179-530-7189 N.O.S./T.O. Cap, hub, track support roller SD903249 1888
G154-013-1559/G630-013-1546 N.O.S. Cap, ignition distributor with vent hole plug assy., M29 and M29C SD667658/A346773 1813B
Repro Cap, radiator 1778G
G179-016-3400 T.O. Carburator, M29-M29C SD905642 1779
G179-657-3014 T.O. Carrier, drive wheel assy. thru SN 13560 SD905592 1891
G179-709-7861 N.O.S. Carrier, left - with bushings SD908735 1843
G179-709-7861 T.O. Carrier, left w/spring, tension idler wheel 2158
G179-012-0900 N.O.S. Carrier, right w/bushings SD905646/C128-334A 1842
G179-012-0900 T.O. Carrier, right w/spring, tension idler wheel 2154
G154-021-7862 N.O.S. Case, compensating gear SD900666/B266332 1855
G179-657-3018 T.O. Case, transmission housing, 1 req. WG-AT84J1B / D73018 1778B
G179-700-7620 N.O.S. Chock, bow M29C SD954620 1871
G179-534-6637 N.O.S./T.O. Clamp, hold-down, windshield, right, with arm assy., 1 required SD952698/A346637A 1929
Repro Clamp, stretcher retaining, left, stows upside down in right hull holes 1779C
Repro Clamp, stretcher retaining, right, stows upside down in left side hull holes 1779D
G179-017-5870 N.O.S. Clip, accelerator pedal return spring, Attaches to manifold stud. 1 req. A308413 1778C
G179-534-6932 N.O.S. Clip, clutch pedal operating lever return spring front, 1 req. attaches to pin for tranny lever SD-194683 / A 346932 1778E
G179-017-5878 N.O.S. Clip, clutch pedal operating lever return spring, rear. 1 req, attaches to hull on driver's side of tranny SD-511079 / A 308429 1778D
G179-530-8649 N.O.S. Clip, parking, manual, windshield wiper arm SD1736X1R/218312 1868
G179-534-6966 N.O.S. Clip, rebound, front & rear bogie spring SD908206 1764A
G179-534-6967 N.O.S. Clip, rebound, intermediate spring after SN2102, 4 req. SD908207 1764B
G179-701-0491 N.O.S. Clutch, capstan, sliding pulley, 1 required SD-900429/7010491 1778A2
G630-003-9899 N.O.S. Condenser, ignition distributor assy., M29 and M29C, 1 required SD667664/A346776 1813C
G154-01-39923 Cone, tapered roller bearing, idler wheel hub, inner, 2 required SD640080/A307781 2402
G154-01-39920 Cone, tapered roller bearing, idler wheel hub, outer, 2 required 2405
G179-534-6701 N.O.S. Control assy manual windshield wiper arm - 6-5/8" L; crankshaft & hsg SD952846P 1734
G179-700-7609 N.O.S. Control assy. Capstanjhand slideing clutch w/ conduit & knob SD-908240 1790C
G179-701-6577 N.O.S. Countershaft, transmission,(supersedes A307504) SD908669 1792C
G154-014-0085 N.O.S. Cover, body, oil pump SD195299 1909
G179-701-6463 N.O.S. Cover, control, auxillary transmission SD908572 1893
G179-562-8386 N.O.S. Cover, filler neck hull hole with clamp assy., 1 required SD952360/C128386 2200
G179-706-1969 N.O.S. Cover, support w/adj. screw distributor SD908267/7061969 1929B
G154-014-0107 T.O. Cover, timing gear with washer assy., used on veh through SN 14681, superceded by cover 7324198, 1 required SD197588/A307443 3140
G179-732-4198 T.O. Cover, timing gear with water slinger assy., used on veh after SN 14681, supercedes cover A307443, 1 required SD908933 3139
G154-014-0087 N.O.S. Cover, transmission access, T84 SD197255/B266110 1893B
T.O. Cover, transmission access, T90 1893C
G154-014-0090 N.O.S. Cover, valve spring, front, with baffle and screen assy., 1 required SD900743/B266154 1700H
G154-014-0088 N.O.S. Cover, valve spring, rear, with baffle assy., 1 required SD197486/B266121 1700I
G154-01-43551 Cup, tapered roller bearing, idler wheel hub, inner, 2 required 2403
G154-01-43546 Cup, tapered roller bearing, idler wheel hub, outer, 2 required 2404
G179-700-7474 N.O.S. Curtain, back top assy M29-M29C - SN 3133 & up SD954422 1762
G154-0232826 N.O.S. Cushion, engine mount. front support. 2 req. SD513104/A308137 1742B
G154-023-2825 Repro Cushion, mounting, front support upper, engine, 2 required SD180437/A308136 1742C
G179-530-8589 N.O.S. Data plate, publication M29C SD905856 1700
Repro Data tag, generator, Auto-Lite, 12 volt, (early), WWII green 1699B
Repro Data tag, voltage regulator, Auto-Lite, 12 volt, WWII green 1699C
T.O. Deflector, water, spring loaded, M29C only 1777C
G154-034-2346 / G503-626-6122 N.O.S. Detent, poppet, tranny, shifter shaft lever assy., 1 req. T84 B266122 1715B
G179-020-4500 N.O.S. Distributor assy w/drive gear SD905127/6266501 1853
G179-562-8366 N.O.S. Door,engine compartment inspection w/hinges SD952110/C128366 1760
G179-017-6522 N.O.S. Drive, cranking motor assy., bendix A346769 1707A
G179-021-5322 N.O.S. Drum steering brake w/gear assy. M29, M29C SD905748 1770
G179-02-38448 N.O.S. Elbow, double outlet, fuel filter & primer pump pipes 1763A
G179-2-38447 N.O.S. Elbow,water pump inlet,M29 & M29C SD905267/B266430 1836B
G179-701-0518 N.O.S. Element, air cleaner w/gasket - M29 SD908320 1704
Element, oil filter 1704A
G179-701-0590 N.O.S. Extension, generator belt adj. arm. SD908346 1720
G179-701-6465 N.O.S. Facing, clutch disk, 2 required, (supercedes facing C128127) SD908582 1904C
G179-025-7230 N.O.S. Fastener, seat back assy arm operating tiller - left & right SD950971 1907
G154-01-83053 N.O.S. Filter, radio suppression, assy (mounted on bulkhead) M28 SD669787/D72871 1702A
Repro Flange, capstan driveshaft, crankshaft fan drive pulley to capstan driveshaft, 1 required, M29C only SD908052/7010490 1975A
G179-709-79801 N.O.S. Flange, fuel tank outlet SD908593 1700E
G179-530-8471 N.O.S. Flange, idler, wheel crank arm support tube SD90151 1821
G154-01-84604 N.O.S. Flange, transmission case front (T84J) 1 req. SD903420/B266371 1790A
N.O.S. Flange, transmission case rear (T84J) 1 req SD908347 1790B
G179-027-0301 N.O.S. Float, carburator w/lever assy SD905889 1735
T.O. Footman Loops 3126
G154-018-6792 / G179-626-6109 N.O.S. Fork, shaft, transmission 2nd & High, T84 Tranny SD197252 1727
G179-03-36830 N.O.S. Gasket set, carburetor, 10 gaskets, all Weasel models SD5-597 1343A
G179-039-7439 N.O.S. Gasket set, carburetor, 9pcs 1343C
N.O.S. Gasket set, oil pan, 5pc SD-5-346/8300-5346 1827
G179-53-07346 N.O.S. Gasket, Exhaust pipe to manifold 5330-530-7346 1849
G179-02-88440 N.O.S. Gasket, Idler wheel crank arm support tube flange A308469 1858A
G154-019-4022 Gasket, adapter to water pump body/housing, 1 required SD194412/A307339 1757D
G154-019-4048 N.O.S. Gasket, annular, vellumoid, 6 holes axle shaft to hub SD900827 / A307654 1858C
G154-019-4048 Repro Gasket, axle shaft to hub, 6 holes, M29/M29C, 2 required SD900827/A307654 1894A
G179-028-8440 N.O.S. Gasket, carrier supporting shaft flange, 2 req. SD905189 1858E
G179-626-6111 N.O.S. Gasket, cover, transmission, T-84 SD197256 1858
G179-657-2867 N.O.S. Gasket, cylinder head SD196585 1167
G154-019-4044 N.O.S. Gasket, differential input shaft bearing retainer, 1 required SD900647/B266330 1926B
G179-028-8439 N.O.S. Gasket, distributor, support cover, 1 required SD905134/A308462 1853A
G179-701-6485 N.O.S. Gasket, fuel pump, electric, connecting cable flange, 1 required, after SN 9502 SD908049 1763C
G154-019-4032 N.O.S. Gasket, inlet manifold heater valve cover, 1 required SD196414/A307376 1167A
G154-01-94041 N.O.S. Gasket, manila tag paper, tranny output shaft retainer to tranny case, 1 req. SD512984 1876A
G154-01-94030 N.O.S. Gasket, oil pump body, vellumoid, 1 req. A307365 / SD195305 1858D
G154-019-4080 N.O.S. Gasket, sending unit to fuel tank, Thiokol coated SD664817 / A307563 1858B
G154-01-94025 N.O.S. Gasket, terneplate asbestos, exhaust pipe M28 (2req) M29 & M29C (2req) SD194537/A307346 1849A
G179-83-32496/G179-833-1729 N.O.S. Gasket, warner gear 1876B
G179-028-8441 N.O.S. Gasket, water pump adapter to block, 1 required SD905198/A308472 1757C
G154-019-4042 N.O.S. Gasket, water pump, adapter to body SD194412/A307339 1757C
G154-019-4036 N.O.S. Gasket,bearing cover, transmission 0.015 SD197234/W635831/A307417 1852
G179-01-63200 N.O.S. Gauge, oil level, (aka-dipstick) with filler tube cap M29 & M29C SD905730/B266478 1535
G179-700-7546 N.O.S. Gear set, differential, ring & pinion SD908330 2206
G179-701-0575 N.O.S. Gear, capstan, worm, 1 required SD908382/7010575 1778A4
G154-01-96005 N.O.S. Gear, clutch, axle transmission (20T, 16T & 10T) SD900689 / B266348 1857B
G179-62-66093 N.O.S. Gear, crankshaft timing SD194324 1857D
G179-530-8395 N.O.S. Gear, distributor driveshaft, 1 required SD905132/A308395 1850A
G154-019-6003 N.O.S. Gear, driven, oil pump SD196069 1738
G154-019-6016 N.O.S. Gear, driven, oil pump SD173423/A307273 1738A
G179-02-92401 N.O.S. Gear, ignition distributor 2920-530-8397 / A308397 / SD90 1853B
G179-530-8395 N.O.S. Gear, ignition distributor, spiral, 10T, 1&25/64 OD, 1/2 face (driveshaft) 1875A
G179-029-2405 N.O.S. Gear, low speed, axle transmission main shaft SD905685 CE005791 3000
G179-029-2409 N.O.S. Gear, planet axle, differential - 23 tooth SD905752 1801
G179-091-9033 N.O.S. Gear, planet, axle differential, 23 tooth (M28, M29 or M29c) 1719
G179-530-8540 N.O.S. Gear, speedo driven w/intergal shaft (Helical 15T) SD905688 1914
G179-029-2408 N.O.S. Gear, speedometer, drive (worm, 2T), 1 required, part of tranny SD905689/A308541 1579F
G154-019-6008 N.O.S. Gear, spur, S; 1.275 I.D.; 10 splines; 39 teeth; 4.544 O.D. 1.O face, stght SD900697 1877
G154-019-6002 T.O. Gear, timing, camshaft B266102 / SD195405 2069B
G154-019-6002 Gear, timing, camshaft, 50 teeth, 1 required SD195405/B266102 2069B
G179-02-92407 N.O.S. Gear, transmission, low range 41 T outer, 20 T inner SD905687 / B266592 1857A
G179-029-3000 T.O. Generator w/drive pulley assy. 40 amp Mod GGA4801 SD183348 1892
8465-01-004-2893* N.O.S. Goggles, sun, wind & dust w/clear & gray lenses 1723
G179-732-4207 N.O.S. Grommet, vent tube cap SD908881 1163
N.O.S. Guard, front float tank winch pulley 1779B
G179-732-4255 N.O.S. Guard, track supporting roller (8 required) SD908499 1807
G154-02-05584 N.O.S. Guide, valve stem, 12 required SD194359/A307338 1373F
G179-701-0604 N.O.S. Guide, water pump shaft seal spring 1411D
G154-02-09299 Repro Handle, jack, M28 or M29, 1 required SD903401/B266233 1779E
G104-213-9988* N.O.S. Handle, spotlight w/conduit, plug & switch B207563A 1967
G179-032-0025 N.O.S. Harness, hull wiring, main, M29 & M29C, with terminals assy, to battery cable, taillight connector, ammeter, switch for instrument panel light and blackout lights and instrument lights SD905734/C128345 1702
G154-021-1400 N.O.S. Head, cylinder (C-1) 7-1 ratio SD513815/B266132 1826
G179-032-4001 N.O.S. Head, generator, commutator with brushes, arms, and springs, 40 amp, 1 required SD905837/B266579 1779L
G179-706-2121 T.O. Hinge, track apron to hull, bow bracket and stern bracket, 12 required SD953964U 1778M
G179-032-9400 T.O. Hinge, ventilator lid with nut assy., 2 required SD952365P/A346543A 1837D
G179-033-6952/G179-626-6595 N.O.S. Housing, axle differential, right side with bushings, 1 req., M29 & M29C, Also called "cover, compensating gear case" SD905745 3100
G179-706-1970 N.O.S. Housing, mounting, manual windshield wiper w/bracket SD952859P 1749
G179-03-37052 N.O.S. Housing, starter drive end with bearing assy. B266584 1779
G179-562-8113 T.O. Housing, with bearings assy., (fly wheel housing), 1 required SD196088/C128113 1780
G179-706-1966 N.O.S./rub cks Hub, drive wheel assy SD908166 1885
G179-706-1966 N.O.S. Hub, w/bearing cup assy. drive wheel or idler wheel- after SN 2102 SD908166 1851
G179-701-0602 N.O.S. Impeller, water pump w/carbon washer & seal assy SD908436 1704B
G179-701-6439 N.O.S. Insulator, roller shaft, rubber - after SN 4102 SD199388 1906
Repro Insulator, shock mount, transmission, rubber and steel, M29 and M29C, 1 required 2069C
G154-024-3038 N.O.S. Jet, metering, carburetor with gasket (second size lean-for altitudes from 8000 to 12000 feet) SD644258/A307559 1830A
G179-70-10488 N.O.S. Joint, universal capstan drive M29C SD908056 1975A
G179-534-6621 N.O.S. Keeper, engine compartment inspection door, 1 required SD952601/A346621 1760A
G179-534-6583 N.O.S. Keeper, engine compartment lid, 2 required SD952499/A346583 3124
G179-701-0634 N.O.S. Keeper, stretcher foot pocket (Chain, pin & washer) SD954262 1883
G154-01-26262 N.O.S. Kit, brush set, generator 1779M
G179-833-1018 N.O.S. Kit, carburator overhaul, major - Carter SD905784/1045 1830
N.O.S. Kit, carburetor, advanced repair, consist of 1 standard carb. kit and 5 additional major carb. parts 1799B
42-P-5347* N.O.S. Kit, field cotter pins. Asst - 75pcs; 1-1/2" - 2-21/2" 1074
G179-570-1785 N.O.S. Kit, modification, accelerator M29C Cargo carrier A570178 1915
G1779-042-3604 N.O.S. Kit, repair, cranking motor "starter" field coil SD-D-594 1751
G154-040-0093 Repro Kit, thermostat, 180 degree, with spacer and gasket SD199310/A307461 1778F
N.O.S. Kit, water pump repair, consists of: 1 seal, 1 guide, 1 washer, 1 ring 1704D
G179 Kit, windshield wiper pivot, lower, 2 required 1730B
G179-042-7938 N.O.S. Knob, "Push Start", starter switch w/screw assy SD905226 1846
* N.O.S. Knob, "panel lights" switch with screw assy. 1846A
G179-534-6573 N.O.S. Knob, windshield prop lock SD952472 1878
G154-02-74312 N.O.S. Lever & shaft, gear shift, tranny, 2 & high, T84 SD512981/B266127 1706A
G179-04-50168 N.O.S. Lever, axle, transmission control cross shaft SD905078/A308447 1729C
G179-04-50174 N.O.S. Lever, clutch release shaft, outer, M29 & M29C 1 req SD905344/A308486 1904A
G179-04-50173 N.O.S. Lever, gear shift axle transmission (hand control) M29 & M29C SD905094/B266420 1757
G179-530-8447 N.O.S. Lever, operating, hand lever shift shaft. 1 req. SD9050478 1729D
G179-530-8491 N.O.S. Lever, pedal shaft, clutch pedal, 1 req. SD905408 / A 308491 1904B
G179-530-8449 N.O.S. Lever, shift, transmission second & high, outer, M29 & M29C, connects tranny to shift rod. SD905080 A308449 1701
G179-04-50172 N.O.S. Lever, shift, transmission, remote control SD905093/B266419 1757B
G179-701-0492 N.O.S. Lever, shifting, sliding clutch shifting rod SD908171/10160 1713
G179-626-6444 N.O.S./T.O. Lever, steering, left, with shaft assy SD905482 1756
G154-02-74284 N.O.S. Lever, toggle, clutch, 3 req. "clutch fingers" SD197133 / C128119 1579C
G179-045-0171 N.O.S. Lever, transmission remote control 1st & rev. cross shaft SD905086/A308451 1790
G179-701-0681 N.O.S. Lever, transmission, 1st & rev. shifter shaft, outer SD908398 1701A
G179-626-6444 N.O.S. Lever, w/shaft assy - steering w/hand grip SD905482 1732
G179-657-2985 N.O.S. Lid, ventilator, no guide, no link, no shaft, need guides made SD952286P/D72985 1837C
G179-657-2985 N.O.S. Lid, ventilator, with guide assy., M29 only, without link(D72987) or shaft(D72988) SD952286P /D72985 1837B
T.O. Lid, ventilator, with guide assy., M29C only, without link(D72987) or shaft(D72988 SD954240/7010432 1837A
G154-027-6325 N.O.S. Lifter, valve (aka tappet), standard size, 12 required SD194225/A307327 1373A
G179-701-6476 N.O.S. Line, flexible, fuel pump outlet, 1 required, in tank fuel pump SD908090 3123
G179-732-4219 N.O.S. Line, fuel, flexible, fuel filter line to carb on vehicles after SN 13560 or fuel pump to fuel filter line after vehicle # 14682. (supercedes A346850 SD908970 3121
G179-626-6494 N.O.S. Line, oil filter inlet assy. with nuts, 1 required SD905884 1778D
G154-027-6499 N.O.S. Lining, steering brake band SD900673 1775
G179-045-4600 N.O.S. Link, elect. windshield wiper arm - 12-15/32"L SD952275P 1730
G179-045-4601 Repro Link, electric windshield wiper arm with bushings (short link), 1 required (AKA 179-732-4260) SD95227P/A308661A 1730A
G179-534-6799 N.O.S. Link, operating shaft, controlled differential steering brakes SD905693/A346799 1729A
T.O. Link, operating, ventilator lid assy. SD952292P/D72987 1843A
T.O. Link, operating, ventilator lid assy., with shaft(D72988) 1843B
G179-046-1292 N.O.S. Lock ,bogie spring support arm bracket SD905617/A308525 1802
G179-530-8483 N.O.S. Lock, spring adjusting bracket SD905274 1887
G154-038-2822 N.O.S. Lock, valve spring retainer SD195286/A307362 1343B
G179-53-08536 N.O.S. Lug, drive, drive track A308536 1910A
G179-06-72004 N.O.S. Main shaft, axle transmission, rear axle differential, M29 & M29C SD905796/B266596 1781
G154-028-7299 N.O.S. Manifold, intake & exhaust w/heater valve SD900744 1789
G179 Repro Mount, radio antenna, over muffler 1779G
G179-562-8349 N.O.S. Neck, fuel tank filler assy, 8 mounting holes, steel tanks, cap and chain sold separately SD905782/C128349 3120
G179-709-7982 T.O. Neck, fuel tank, self sealing, 16 mounting holes, used on vehicles after 13560, cap sold separately SD908592 3119
H004-034-5000 N.O.S. Nipple, insulating, distributor SD44961/A307251 1861
G179-053-9111 N.O.S. Nut, adjusting, steering brake band wing nut SD902717/2703 1711
G154-031-4870 Repro Nut, hex, idler wheel carrier shaft, right or left, located at front of vehicle, 4 required SD900874/A307666 1843A
G179-534-6957 N.O.S. Nut, jam, hex - 11/16" - 11 NS - 24 used on suspension gear SD908181U 1824
G179-534-6938 T.O. Nut, lock, track drive wheel hub outer bearing, 2 required SD908108-A346938 1765A
G179-709-9434 N.O.S. Nut, lock,hex, for shaft, supporting carrier 4 req. SD669011U 1787A
G179-05-39114 N.O.S. Nut, w-wiper pivot, cap style, weasel unique, M28, M29, M29C SD952369P/A346545 1734A
G179-053-9110 N.O.S. Nut, wing, 3/8" - 24 NF-2; engine compartment lid SD651409 1832
G179-053-9112 N.O.S. Nut, wing, front top bow, windshield SD952239/A308655 1762B
G179-741-6070 N.O.S. One pair main bearings; 3 pair crankshafat cylinder bearings 1579
G154-033-0438 N.O.S. Outlet, engine water C.I. SD199278 1816
G179-057-0200 N.O.S. Pan, engine oil SD905625 1374A
G179-690-8283 N.O.S. Panel, radiator support and air duct, right w/studs for fuel filter mtng SD952123 1837
G179-05-74535 N.O.S. Pedal, accelerator w/hub & bushings, no pad, M29 & M29c A308493 1755A
G179-057-4550 N.O.S./T.O. Pedal, clutch and shaft assy (no pad) SD905404 1754
SD905557 T.O. Pedals assy, clutch & accelerator w/shaft & brackets & pads SD905420/SD905404 1755
G179-733-7599 N.O.S. Pin 1886
G154-033-8701 N.O.S. Pin, ignition, distr. drive shft gear pin SD156090 1850B
G179-530-8667 Repro Pin, ventilator lid to ventilator link, 1 required SD952295/A308667 1837C
G179-833-2498 N.O.S. Pinion assy w/bearing, transmission main shaft w/ integral gear SD903422 1792
G179-833-2498 T.O. Pinion assy. w/bearing, transmission SD903422 1792A
N.O.S. Pipe, exhaust, under floor to muffler 1778E
G179-05-79954 Repro Pipe, header assy., front, with flanges, aluminized pipe SD905722 1778F
G154-033-8815 N.O.S. Piston, std w/bushings & pin assy Cast iron, no rings, (used on engines through No. 15594, 6 req.) SD515764 / A307532A 1895
G179-701-6588 N.O.S. Piston, std. w/bushing & pin, aluminum SD512409 1895A
G154-033-8815 N.O.S. Piston, w bushing & pin -STD cast iron M29 SD515746/A3075 32A 1705
G179-732-4227 N.O.S. Piston, w/pin - 0.040 oversize, no rings SD908977 1847
G179-706-1997 N.O.S. Plate "H", shifter hand lever bracket., 1 req. SD-908287 1745B
G179-058-2902 N.O.S. Plate, bogie spring, support - aft Vehicle #3400 SD908338 1786
G179-534-6745 N.O.S. Plate, carburetor throttle valve, 1req. SD662893 / CAR-2-86 1528A
G179-732-4200 N.O.S. Plate, engine rear w/slinger SD908935/D72866 1818
G154-034-0200 N.O.S. Plate, lock, hand cranking jaw and fan drive pulley (1req) SD182084/A307286 1828A
G154-034-0666 Plug, freeze plug, cylinder water jacket, 4 required SD194166/A307323 2407
Plug, freeze plug, engine block bell housing end, brass, 1 required 2407A
G179 N.O.S. Plug, hull drain, large H006-0283920/219302 3126B
G179 N.O.S. Plug, hull drain, small 3126A
G507-534-6774 N.O.S. Point set, distributor, M29 and M29C SD667660/A346774 1813A
G179-534-6605 Repro Post, fastening, top bow side curtain, 16 required SD952557/A346605 1762A
G179-770-0815 N.O.S. Prop, windshield, left, 1 required SD952222/7700815 1878B
G179-530-8647 N.O.S. Prop, windshield, right, 1 required SD952221/A308647A 1878A
G179-700-7613 N.O.S. Pulley assy. capstan drive with screw & nut assy. 1778B
G179-701-0509 N.O.S. Pulley, sliding clutch shaft, Capstan SD908157 1829
G179-908-005 N.O.S. Pulley, water pump fan & generator drive assy SD908005 1781
7010598 N.O.S. Pump, fuel assy AC Type BF - G179-701-0598 SD908354/AC1538642 1763
G749-741-0563* N.O.S. Pump, primer w/handle & nuts SD905723 1797
G179-534-6936 N.O.S. Pump, water assy w/pulleys SD908004/8300-908004 1836
G179-77-43821 N.O.S. Regulator, current, VAM3070, 40 amp CV106521 1699
G179-774-3822 N.O.S. Regulator, generator relay, current & voltage A1-VAG3071 SD905784/7743822 1703
T.O./ N.R. Regulator, generator, relay & voltage assy 1774
G179-701-0527 N.O.S. Retainer, T84 Transmission, rear bearing (supersedes A307669), 1 required SD908347/WG-T84J7B 1777A
G179-701-0527 N.O.S. Retainer, T90 Transmission, rear bearing, 1 required SD908347 1777B
G154-036-7643 N.O.S. Retainer, axle transmission front bearing SD900646/C128273 1726
G179-534-6803 N.O.S. Retainer, controlled differential, oil seal, housing flange, 2 req. SD905798 / A346803 1778C
G179-62-66334 N.O.S. Retainer, differential compensating gear case side cover bearing, 2 required 1779P
G179-534-6616 N.O.S. Retainer, engine compartment lid seal, front 1725D
G179-626-6545 N.O.S. Retainer, engine compartment lid weather seal to bulkhead SD952506P 1725
G179-626-6544 N.O.S. Retainer, engine compartment lid weatherseal to bulkhead, outer SD952505P/B266544 1725A
G179-626-6544 N.O.S. Retainer, engine compartment lid weatherseal to bulkhead, outer, 1 required SD952505P/B266544 1725C
G179-534-6617 N.O.S. Retainer, engine compartment lid, rear seal, 1 req. SD952590P / A346617 1725B
G179-701-6438 N.O.S. Retainer, track support, roller shaft insulator, 4 required SD199177 1803
G154-03-67642 N.O.S. Retainer, valve spring, 12 required SD514235/A307517 1373E
G179-706-2099 Repro Rim, battery hold down bracket, for 2 - 6 Volt batteries SD908303/7062099 3150
G179-833-2489 N.O.S. Ring (unknown application of vehicle) 1411F
G179-83-32491 N.O.S. Ring (unknown application on vehicle) 1411E
G179-2805-570-1445 N.O.S. Ring set, engine, piston, .020 oversize 1536A
G179-570-1446 N.O.S. Ring set, engine, piston, .040 oversize 1536B
G179-701-0605 N.O.S. Ring, clamping, impellar seal, (supercedes ring A307463), 1 required SD908434 1411E
G179-732-4223 N.O.S. Ring, compression, .040 oversize alum. piston SD908980 1536C
G179-833-2485 N.O.S. Ring, engine 1536D
G179-833-2483 N.O.S. Ring, engine 1536E
G179-530-7445 N.O.S. Ring, oil collector, timing gear SD197590 / A307445 1538D
G179-530-7467 N.O.S. Ring, snap, water pump impellar seal, 1 req. 1411D
Ring, steel tubing, supporting spark plug cable, 1 required, M29 or M29C SD905699/A308546 1852
8300-908-350 N.O.S. Rivet, steel, B-head-1/4" x 9/16"x20"; track w/hi guide after SN2103 SD908350 1910
G179-741-6081 N.O.S. Rod assy. connecting, cylinders 1-3-5 standard 2805-463-1972-G179 1752
G154-037-3270 N.O.S. Rod assy. connecting, cylinders 2-4-6- Standard SD199828 1753
B266449 N.O.S. Rod, axle transmission lever to cross shaft w/yokes assy SD905499 1796
G179-701-6578 N.O.S. Rod, brace, carrier drive wheel (veh after 13560) SD908660 1902A
G179-732-6172 N.O.S. Rod, connecting - 0.020 undersize - Cyl's 1-3-5 SD512525 1838
G154-037-3269 N.O.S. Rod, connecting - Std. cyl's 1-3-5 SD199827/E266125 1839
G179-741-5958 N.O.S. Rod, connecting Cyl 2-4-6 14909 1896
G179-701-0538 N.O.S. Rod, connecting, tiller operating arm, M29C, 1 required SD954021U 1759B
G179-626-6446 N.O.S. Rod, control, Hi/Low Range SD905496/B266446 1759D
G179-626-6449 N.O.S. Rod, control, auxilliary transmission control and steering brake control, with yokes 1 req. SD905499 / B266449 1758A
G179-626-6437 N.O.S. Rod, cross shaft to operating lever, steering brake controls SD905468/B266437 1759C
G179 N.O.S. Rod, shift, transmission remote control, 1st and reverse with yokes and nuts assy. SD905981/B266628 1759A
B266629 N.O.S. Rod, shift, transmission remote control, 2nd & high w/yokes SD905978 1759
N.O.S. Rod, shifting, capstan clutch, with fork, assy. (plated), 1 required SD-900453/7010502 1778A1
G179-064-9350 N.O.S. Rod, steering control cross shaft to axle w/yokes assy " M29XC rudder control SD905466/G179-626-6437 1758
G179-530-7557 N.O.S. Roller, needle, locking pin shifter fork shaft, transmission, 1 req. 1715A
G179-706-1996 T.O. Roller, w/bearing, oil seal, fitting SD908175 1881
G179-06-50076 N.O.S. Rotor, ignition, distributor assy. SD905826/A346779 1853A
G179-066-6836 N.O.S. Screw, "Head Bolt", 20 required SD194459U/7062006 1167A
G154-038-2039 N.O.S. Screw, controlled differential, drilled, locking wire, used on ring gear and cover compensating gear case, 12 required A308180/SD902709 2166A
G154-038-2027 N.O.S. Screw, cylinder head, water outlet, 2 req. - 7/16" x 4-1/8" SD196707 1780
G179-706-2004 N.O.S. Screw, hex head-crankshaft fan drive pulley - 11/16" - 10 NF - 2x1x1/4 SD908297 2300
G179-703-9908 N.O.S. Screw, motor mount, 2 required (used on vehicles after serial # 1002) SD-12x117 3002
G179-701-0523 N.O.S. Screw, spring bumper bkt. to hull, cone point, 32 req. SD908337 1824B
G179-701-0641 N.O.S. Screw, spring plate to hull, cone point, 7/16, 32 req. SD908336 1824C
7061963 N.O.S. Seal Oil Assy, Bogie Wheel 32 req. SD901988 CM901988 1374
G154-03-82800 N.O.S. Seal Oil transmission shift lever shaft cork, 2 req. SD196151 A307374A 1373
Seal, oil, T90 output shaft/transmission case rear flange 2406
8300-908196 N.O.S. Seal, oil, drive track guide wheel assy, 4 required SD908196/A346961 1810
G154-038-2806 Seal, oil, hub inner bearing, idler wheel, 2 required SD900816/A307800 2401
G179-701-6436 N.O.S. Seal, oil, hub outer bearing, track drive wheel, 2 req. SD908496/7016436 2400
G154-038-6090 N.O.S. Seal, transmission shift lever SD156090 1344
G179-701-0603 N.O.S. Seal, water pump impeller SD908433 1411A
N.O.S. Seat - probably carb valve - need confirmation B144-52 1700G
G154-03-82822 Seat, aka-valve keeper, valve spring retainer, 12 required SD195286/A307362 1373D
G179-732-4072 N.O.S. Shaft & lever assy, choke valve plate "Carter Carburetor" SD908856/Car14-3245 1712
G179-530-8398 N.O.S. Shaft, bogie wheel 8" long SD90515/A308398 1819
G-179-701-0495 N.O.S. Shaft, capstan clutch (10 splines) M29 only SD908072 1975
G179-701-0494 N.O.S. Shaft, capstan drive, front, with sleeve, welded, 1 required SD908077 1974
G179-732-4067 N.O.S. Shaft, carburetor throttle vavle plate, 1 req. SD908851 / CAR-3-489 1735B
G179-732-4072 N.O.S. Shaft, carburetor, choke valve plate w/lever, assy., 1 req. 1735A
G179-626-6431 N.O.S. Shaft, clutch, release assy. SD905342 1904
G179-706-1994 N.O.S. Shaft, cross 1st speed & rev. w/lever assy. - after SN 1002 SD908247(Supersedes A308450) 1811
G179-562-8322 N.O.S. Shaft, cross steering brake & aux. trans. control w/brackets SD905494 1884
G179-706-1994/G179-530-8450 N.O.S. Shaft, cross, 1st and reverse with lever assy, after SN 1002, 1 required SD905085 3109
G179-706-1992 N.O.S. Shaft, cross, 2nd & 3rd speed w/brg. brackets, levers, oil cup (used on & after ser#1003) 1 req, supercedes B266417 SD908249/A356316037 1803A
G179-626-6597 N.O.S./T.O Shaft, drive axle, - 4.75 degree flange, 26 3/16"L SD905591 1894
G154-038-4601 N.O.S. Shaft, driven gear, oil pump 0.49675 O.D.; 1-5/8" O.A. SD195406 1916
G179-06-72060 N.O.S. Shaft, ignition distributer drive w/gear SD905130/A306460 1929A
G179-626-6577 N.O.S. Shaft, ignition distributor Sd905834 3110
G179-626-6596 N.O.S. Shaft, input, auxillary transmission SD905796 1823
G179-562-8144 N.O.S. Shaft, main transmission - splined 10 - 15/16" O.A. lenght SD900789/2317 1715
G179-833-1737 N.O.S. Shaft, main, T-84 transmission - 6 splines 1791
G154-038-4630 N.O.S. Shaft, oil pump drive w/gear assy SD199142 1716
G179-562-8312 N.O.S. Shaft, propeller - 25- 3/16" C to C of flanges SD905164 1845
G179-530-8508 N.O.S. Shaft, right hand lever, w/ integral lever SD905491/A308508 1756A
G179-701-6408 N.O.S. Shaft, shifter, 1st & rev. w/lever, T84 trany used on or after ser#4935 SD908487/7016408 1706
G179-626-6128(AKA G154-027-4313) N.O.S. Shaft, shifter, T84 tranny, 1st speed and reverse with integral lever, used on veh. after SN 4935, 1 required, WO639030 SD512982/WG-AT84G41 1706E
G179-423-1728 / 2520-423-1728* N.O.S. Shaft, shifter, T90 tranny 1st & rev. 1706B
* N.O.S. Shaft, shifter, T90 tranny, 2nd & Hi speed 1706C
G179-067-2050 N.O.S. Shaft, speedometer w/core assy SD905763 1809
G179-626-6594 N.O.S. Shaft, steering brake cam w/intergal lever SD905962 1729
G154-033-8127 N.O.S. Shaft, transmission main drive w/integral gear SD903422/C128432 1792B
G154-037-3272 N.O.S. Shaft, transmission, S, high & low range clutch gear shifter fork, 1 req. SD900704 1715C
G154-03-73272 N.O.S. Shaft, transmission, hi & low range clutch shifter SD900704 1792D
G154-03-84632 N.O.S. Shaft, water pump with bearing and slinger assy., 1 required SD199953/A307476 1704E
G501-562-2179 N.O.S. Shield, spotlight SD925540 64
G179 Repro Shield, starter, heat deflector, upper assy., 1 required B266496 1781
G179-067-2451 N.O.S. Shim, 0.1196 thick, bogie spring support & arm SD905620/A308526 1808
G154-03-84796 N.O.S. Shim, crankshaft thrust washer, .005 thick SD197391 / A307435 1538D
G179-530-8526 N.O.S. Shim, spring supporting arm bracket SD905209 1731
G179-701-6407 N.O.S. Shoe, transmission; 1st & Rev. gear shift, after SN4935 SD908486 1854
G179-736-2133 N.O.S. Sleeve, engine cylinder 1778F
G179-732-4203 N.O.S. Slinger, water rear plate (after SN14681) M29C SD908938 1411C
G179-732-4197 N.O.S. Slinger, water, fan drive pulley (afterSN14681) M29C SD908932 1411B
G154-03-69901 N.O.S. Snap ring, transmission main shaft 2nd & Hi synchronizer, 1 req. SD197230 A307416 1722
G179-732-4209 N.O.S. Socket, tension spring adj. stud (veh after 14999) 1903A
G179-530-8188 N.O.S. Spacer S, operating shaft link, controlled differential steering brakes SD902722/A308188 1729B
G179-530-7764 N.O.S. Spacer, Aux. tranny input shaft, hi & low range gear, 1 req. SD900653 / A307764 1342B
G179-530-8188 N.O.S. Spacer, S, operating shaft link, differential steering brakes, 2 req. SD902722 / A308188 1342A
G154-03-89404 N.O.S. Spacer, drive wheel carrier to axle housing 1/16" thk as req. B266150B / SD900628 1579A
G179 N.O.S. Spacer, idler wheel tension spring adjusting bracket, 10 required SD195386/A308420 1887A
G179-530-8394 N.O.S. Spacer, shifter hand lever (1 req. ) SD905084 / A308394 1757A
N.O.S. Spacer,drive wheel carrier to axle housing 1/64" thk. 1579B
G154--038-9808 N.O.S. Spring differental, compression, 2 req. SD902715 / A308182 1700C
G179-560-7588 / 2920-560-7588 N.O.S. Spring return?, 3/4"L. total, 1/4"W, specific use unknown 1700F
G179-719-9887 N.O.S. Spring set, distributor, govenor weight, 2/set, AL-IGB3375 SD905831/7199887 1813D
G154-038-9799 N.O.S. Spring, clutch release collar, throw out bearing, 1 required SD196087/A307373 1904D
G179-709-7870 N.O.S. Spring, compression - Idler wheel - 1-1/2" I.D., 11-13/22 " OAL - after SN 14999 SD98229 1902
G154-038-9807 N.O.S. Spring, differential, brake, compreaaion, operating shaft link SD902714 / A308181 2069A
G154-038-9807 N.O.S. Spring, differential, compression, 2req. A308181 / SD902714 1700D
G154-03-89792 N.O.S. Spring, pull back, accelerator control, attaches to manifold 1 req. SD158433 / A307263 1700A
G179-562-8348 N.O.S. Spring, suspension, intermediate w/brgs. after SN 2102 SD905768 1833
G179-701-0673 N.O.S. Spring, tension, idler wheel assy. 7 leafs SD908439 1764
G154-03-89798 N.O.S. Spring, valve lifter, 12 required SD195616/A307368 1373C
G154-03-89803 N.O.S. Spring, valve, engine, 12 required SD514236/A307518 1373B
7010535 N.O.S. Steerer, reel & handle - M29C SD954378P 1788
G179-700-7604 N.O.S. Stop, rudder - M29C SD954026 1876
G179-023-8740 N.O.S. Strainer, carburator filter SD905891 1717
G154-039-2191 N.O.S. Strainer, oil w/screen & elbow assy SD901612 1748
G179-700-7426 N.O.S. Strap, battery hold down w/end assy SD954372 1737
G179-626-6108 N.O.S. Strut, clutch release lever, 3 req. part of clutch plate B266108 1805B
G179-5346963 N.O.S. Support, 20" track, auxilliary cable, A346963 SD908200/8300-908200 1901
G179-068-8300 N.O.S. Support, distributor and driveshaft with bearing, 1 required SD905123/B266421 1766A
H004-0500-320 N.O.S./T.O. Suppressor, elbow type, resistor type - snap on spark plug LCC-520A 1863
H004-050-0329 N.O.S. Suppressor, electrical noise resistor type, Dist to coil, straight 500329 1862
* N.O.S. Switch assy, instrument panel (knob sold separartely) 1846B
G179-702-8436* N.O.S. Switch assy. Pistol grip, spot light handle SD954650 1343
G179-706-1977 N.O.S. Switch, ignition and heater with leer assy., used on vehicles after S/N1002, 1 required SD908160 1846C
H004-050-6628* N.O.S. Switch, master - single pole - pull turn control knob 467
G179-069-0368 N.O.S. Switch, solenoid crank motor assy B26604/A34788 1707
G179-701-0504 N.O.S. Swivel, capstan winch, sliding clutch hand control, conduit. 1 req. SD-908242 1778G
G179-069-8401 N.O.S. Terminal, push, blackout marker light connector cable SD198667 1800
G179-070-3785 N.O.S. Thermostat, actually spring for intake man., heater valve 1 req. SD196661 / A307387 1789A
Repro Tracks
G179-071-9246 N.O.S. Tube, idler wheel carrier and arm support SD952364 1787
G154-042-7256 N.O.S. Valve, exhaust A307326, supereded valve A307554 A307326 SD194217/RMC-A360 1537A
G154-042-7255 N.O.S. Valve, intake, 6 required RMC-A260/SD194216/A307325 1704E
G154-042-7254 N.O.S. Valve, relief, oil pressure SD192316 1889
G154-04-43049 N.O.S. Washer , thrust, axle transmission drive pinion hi speed gear SD902700/A308171 1792E
G154-044-3034 N.O.S. Washer, carbon, impellar seal, water pump, 1 req. A307468 / SZ-C108686 1704C
G154-044-3044 N.O.S. Washer, idler wheel carrier shaft, front of veh., tanged, 1&27/32ID, 2&3/4OD, 0.0478thk, 2 required SD900873/A307665 2405C
G179-534-6953 N.O.S. Washer, plain 3/4" I.D. x 1-1/4: O.D. Wheel support bearing SD908043U 1806
G503-530-7333 N.O.S. Washer, tranny, thrust, bronze, counter shaft cluster gear front 1 req. A307333 1703C
G179-701-6406 N.O.S. Washer, tranny, thrust, bronze, counter shaft cluster gear rear, inner A307333 1703B
G154-0443058 N.O.S. Washer, tranny, thrust, bronze, counter shaft cluster gear rear, outer, T84J 1 req. SD903407 / A308195 1703D
8300-908195 T.O. Wheel, guide, drive, track w/bearings (no rubber) SD908195 2166
G179-706-1984 N.O.S. Wheel, idler with rubber band SD908019 145
G179-562-8453 N.O.S. Wheel, idler assy w/hub, bearings & 2 idler wheels SD908020 1890
G179-706-1984 N.O.S. Wheel, idler, with rubber band, original WWII SD908019 145A
G179-690-8302 T.O. Windshield SD952303P/E8302 1734A
T.O. Yoke, adjusting transmission remote control rods & also steering control rods, 10 req. SD636805/A307780 1759A
G179-62-66572 N.O.S. Yoke, cranking motor, starter clutch assy. M29 & M29C SD513627-B266572 1778A
N.O.S. Yoke, rod axle transmission lever to cross shaft 2620-701-0580 1579E
G179-626-6631 N.O.S. Yoke, sliding assy(straight cut, 16 splines), propeller shaft, 1 req., transmission SD515270/B266631 1777
G179-562-8458 N.O.S. Yoke, threaded, bogie spring SD90811/C128458 1778
G-166 - T16
Part # Cond Description OS/MFG/ORD No. Bin
N.O.S. B.O. Driving lights - 6V 1332
42-P-5347* N.O.S. Kit, field cotter pins. Asst - 75pcs; 1-1/2" - 2-21/2" 1074
G166-038-9768 N.O.S. Spring, brake shoe return, 4 required A250238 813A
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