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G-310 M551 SHERIDAN Tank
Part # Cond Description OS/MFG/ORD No. Bin
T.O. Ammo box - 30 Cal 138
* Unissued/used Ammo can, WWII - M2 - used non welded, welded 801
T.O. Braided hoses 138
6V73-T T.O. Detroit engines & trans. Allison model XTG-250-1A cross drive 80212 504
2940-782-1264 N.O.S. Element, air cleaner P11-0605 2281
42-P-5347* N.O.S. Kit, field cotter pins. Asst - 75pcs; 1-1/2" - 2-21/2" 1074
19206* N.O.S. Rammer, shell removing 105mm & 106mm recoilless rifle 5591873 804
T.O. Track Jacks, (Large) 1 1/4" x 22 1/4" screw B484
T.O. Track Jacks, Armored (Small) 1" x 17 1/2" screw A484
T.O. Transmissions, cross drive- Allison Model XTG-250-1A 258
2550 986 6978 N.O.S. Vickers control valve AMC0332800 DA2013 Model L263G815 B17818G1 249
Part # Cond Description OS/MFG/ORD No. Bin
N.O.S. Absorber, shock, Monroe 7404209 2274A
T.O. Adapter, fuel pump drive CO517942 2328C
T.O. Adapter, fuel pump drive CO517942 2328H
G251-734-6600 N.O.S. Adaptor assy 1241
G251-734-6558 N.O.S. Adaptor, magneto driven shaft gear CO-517816 2246
G251 T.O. Air Cleaner body, aux generator 2328G
G258-735-5937 T.O. Air cleaner assy, aux. generator, no element 828
C19484 N.O.S. Arrestor 2240
G251-737-6056 N.O.S. Arrestor, Flame carburetor breather tube 2805-737-6056/ CO518728 2240
525085* T.O. Base, intake for carburetor NAY5G3 2171B4 1588A
G251-519-3306 N.O.S. Bearing, Escape hatch - loaders 2510-519-3306 2372
T.O. Binocular holder, turret mounted 2403
8378772 N.O.S. Bolt assy 2240
G251-740-4414 N.O.S. Box, control bilge pump assy 1350
N.O.S. Box, control, aux. generator, with lights and switches 7404415 2453A
7985686* N.O.S. Box, periscope M17, two styles 2424
8734553 N.O.S. Box, periscope storage 2453
2520-00-738-3457 N.O.S. Box, pulsing relay 776158 2313
T.O. Box, pulsing relay gun laying control 2420
G251-798-3332 T.O. Box, relay, starter 2328D
N.O.S. Box, storage, M19 Periscope head, M113, Duster, Walker, M75, M59 2414
G251-798-2079 N.O.S. Bracket 2240
G259-736-9791* T.O. Bracket w/handle, commanders control assy MHR-500633 1072
792751 T.O. Bracket, backrest, no cushion 2442
T.O. Bracket, elevating hand pump 2240
G251-796-3422 N.O.S. Bracket, mounting Cal. .45 S.M.G. - M3/M3A1 163
N.O.S. Bracket, speedo & tach mounting, w/ shocks also duster 8338391 1360
G251-740-3351 N.O.S. Bracket, support, carburetor control cross shaft 2910-740-3351 2452
G253-798-4186* N.O.S. Brake, parking assy, after vehicle #834, with base included 2309
G251-741-9233 N.O.S. Bushing 1320
G251-79-62883 N.O.S. Cable, ground, engine fuel gauge sending unit 2453A
G251-740-2899 N.O.S. Cam assy, auxiliary generator magneto 7402782 2300
N.O.S. Camshaft, left, 1 required CO526466 2241C
G251-734-6598 N.O.S. Camshaft, right, 1 required CO526465/2805-734-6598 2241D
27313 N.O.S. Cap, bearing, compensating wheel support arm 2240
Rebuilt Carburetors - GAA Stromberg - Model NAY5G3 600
N.O.S. Clamp, transmission to hull 7528008 2234
N.O.S. Coil assy. generator winding 842
G2060A7 T.O. Commanders control handle assy, 24-28 V-DC 8359009 2393
T.O. Cover, breech, main gun 7983772 2240A
G251-741-0165 N.O.S. Cover, fan rotor, used after eng. #1519 2328L
G251-770-7570 N.O.S. Cover, steering clutch w/plug 2328K
G251-73-48549* N.o.S Cover, valve rocker, end cyl assy w/inserts. Pt of engine assy 7355952 CO-518467 2395
G251-73-75436 N.O.S. Cover, valve rocker, intermediate cyl. pt of engine assy 7398577 CO-518468 2394
G251-737-5413 N.O.S. Crankcase, complete, assy. CO518-532/2805-737-5413 2395A
* T.O. Cushion, backrest, gunners with post 263A
G251-796-3260 N.O.S. Cylinder, hydraulic, elevting, 76MM gun 7382807 2038
G251-737-5871 N.O.S. Deflector assy 425
G251-737-5414* N.O.S. Deflector, Air, Cylinder, intermediate assy 7375414 822
G251-737-5871 N.O.S. Deflector, air, end cylinder #1 & #6 cooling system 2930-737-5871, CO518637 2271
G251-740-2721* N.O.S. Disc, raybestos, friction starting pawl aux. generator 2990-740-2721 2310D
2530-562-1441* N.O.S. Disk, wheel, road, steel, 26 x 4&1/2; Also for M42 Duster and M52 105mm S.P.H. 121441 2480
* T.O. Dome light - square type 1416
T.O. Door, bulkhead, center, used on vehicles after SN 3281 7982693 165A
6220-654-9360* N.O.S. Door, dome lamp cover for red/white int. light 73206044 371A
T.O. Duct, heater air passage 2419
G251 N.O.S. Engine generator, winding coil assy. 842
2510-00-536-3861 N.O.S. Fender, rear right, triangle style 1927
G251-740-2919 T.O. Filter assy, auxiliary generator, with bracket WO640390 2328
G251-770-8627 N.O.S. Filter, oil, converter assy ALD676-7980 2328A
T.O. Firing plunger assy 2040
G244-753-9170* N.O.S. Float, duplex, with lever assy. 385455 2383
G251-798-4639 N.O.S. Fuel System shutoff powerpak valves 205
G251-737-4301 N.O.S. Gasket 2931 955
G251-737-6361 N.O.S. Gasket set, oil pan 2805 737 6361 384
G251-740-2653 N.O.S. Gasket, rubber, radiator, aux, generator 2990-740-2653 2240
G251-740-2093 N.O.S. Gear, Idler w/ bearing assy, eng timing gear 2805-740-2093 2240
G251-740-2082 N.O.S. Gear, driving, oil pump, auxiliary genreator 2338
G251-833-8754 N.O.S. Gear, planetary unit, planet carrier, pwr traverse mech. 8338721 2334
N.O.S. Gear, turret traverse lock 2240
7537243* T.O. Grenade boxes - 4 compartment - 11" x 5 1/2" x 2 3/4" 475
7419236 T.O. Gun shield, breech, left side 2386
G251-293-4353/2520-293-4353 N.O.S. Handle, bulkhead door assy, 11-60 7984450 2421A
T.O. Handle, elevating hand pump 2515
G251-736-9614* T.O. Handle, gunners control 661
7382940 N.O.S. Handle, turret traverse 2396
G251-833-8159 T.O. Harness, pulsing relay to turrent control box 2328F
7688707* T.O. Head assy, Periscope M19 2275
G251-737-5636 N.O.S. Head, commutator end 2328B
G251-737-6946 N.O.S. Housing 1238
G251-741-9082 T.O. Housing with gears, turret hand crank 2328J
G251-737-6029 N.O.S. Housing, left camshaft gear , cyl. 2, 4 & 6 side 2328E
7419581 T.O. Housing, shift lever w/plate #7962067, also duster 2276
7419581 T.O. Housing, shift lever w/plate #7962067, also duster 2276
7419060 N.O.S. Hub, track support roller 2408
2920-733-8591 N.O.S. Jaw, engaging, engine flywheel 2920-773-8591 2308
G251-798-4486 N.O.S. Joint 798 4486 233
G251-740-4832 T.O. Joint, 1/2" swivel, hand elevating hydraulic tube assy, turret 2455A
G251-740-4382 N.O.S. Joint, 1/2" swivel, hand elevating hydraulic tube assy, turret 2455
42-P-5347* N.O.S. Kit, field cotter pins. Asst - 75pcs; 1-1/2" - 2-21/2" 1074
G251-741-9862 N.O.S. Lever 340
G251-737-4646 N.O.S. Lever apply, left, transmission brake 2520-737-4646 2316
G251-737-4286 N.O.S. Lever operaing, range control valve w/ shaft, transmission 2520-737-4286 2361
7404948 N.O.S. Lever, clamping stand release, commanders seat 1911
G251-74-04665 N.O.S. Lever, locking, emergency trip 2510-740-4665 2411
G251-753-7480 T.O. Loaders periscope housing with segments, door & guard 7537480 955A
G251-753-7160 T.O. Lock, turret traversing assy 2510-753-7160 2240
T.O. Mount, commanders seat, with tube 2422
G251-737-4352 N.O.S. Nozzle oil, transmission, left fan drive gear 1239
N.O.S. Oil cooler, engine and transmission, aluminum 8380706,CO525418/8380707,CO525 38
2590-039-8670 N.O.S. Pad assy, commanders cupola 2418
G251-7984947 N.O.S. Pad, assy loaders escape hatch 2240
G251 N.O.S. Pad, track assy. 2418A
G251 T.O. Pad, track assy. 2418B
G251-740-2252 N.O.S. Panel, engine top, auxiliary genrator 2805-740-2252 2404
N.O.S. Panel, housing for rheostat and switches, auxiliary generator 2401
FSN6650-759-7754* N.O.S. Periscope M-13, M-37, M-19A1, M-39, M-52, & M-47 2252
M19* T.O. Periscopes , night vision - M41, M42, M47, M59, M75, M76 498
G251-733-8669 N.O.S. Pin, roller 1/8" dia x 1/4" L 1012
G251-796-2533 T.O. Plug, quick release, periscope port, 1 required 7963769/7962533/8379071 2241B
GM1539721 Rebuilt Pump, Fuel 2089
2910-00-714-8653 N.O.S. Pump, fuel injection, continental, gas,also M452 Duster 384A
2910-00-714-8653 T.O. Pump, fuel injection, continental, gas,also M452 Duster 384B
G251-833-8343 T.O. Pump, gunners hand elevating w/ handle assy 2520-736-3150 2267
G251-70-07479 T.O. Pump, output, pressure assy 2091
N.O.S. Receptacle 7716844 2240A
G251-839-3126* N.O.S. Ring, locking, eng. valve, "Rosan" type S, pltd, 24 req. AKA G244-735-0196 5305-735-0196 2310B
G251-833-8705 N.O.S. Ring, snap, retaining, external, turret traversing mechanism pinion 2310E
G251-833-8715 N.O.S. Ring, traverse mech. snap 1237
T.O. Road wheels, upper support w/castings 309
G251-74-10050 N.O.S. Rocker,valve, w/roller assy CO 526108 2310C
T.O. Rod, ballistic drive assy 2240
G244-776-7520* N.O.S. Rod, connecting, with cap and piston pin bearing assy., (includes rod 7403005), 6 required CO-516051/2805-776-7520 2419
G251-736-9616 N.O.S. Rod, traversing assy, gunners control assy 2441
G251-740-4193 N.O.S. Seal, left and right bulkhead door, 2 required 2510-740-4193 2241A
G251-734-6498 N.O.S. Shaft, fan drive, horizontal, rear, cooling CO517716 2240
2520 692 5580 N.O.S. Shafts, output 834 1911 10
N.O.S. Shroud, auxillary generator 703
G244-738-7211 N.O.S. Slip ring assy. 738 7211; 2520 788 7211 251
G251-737-4413 N.O.S. Spacers 219
G251-737-8773 N.O.S. Spindle drive, input pressure pump, transmission 2520-737-8773 2460
T.O. Stand, seat clamping, commanders seat 1165
G251-737-8776 N.O.S. Stud 1233
2805-740-2204 N.O.S. Support baffle 2240
2805-740-2204 N.O.S. Support, baffle, engine auxiliary generator 280-740-2204 2244
G251-752-8293 N.O.S. Switch assy, Chrysler 884
G251 T.O. Track (one side only)
G251-833-8207 N.O.S. Tube 1735 1234
G251-737-5419 N.O.S. Tube 2025
G251-740-2739 N.O.S. Tube 2240
G251-737-4248 N.O.S. Tube assy, oil, left accessory drive gear, upper , assy ALD6763979 2240
G251-740-3472 N.O.S. Tube oil drain, cyl. head Cylinder #2 2910-322-9536 2373
T.O. Tube, commanders seat mount 2423
G251-734-8830 N.O.S. Tube, intake manifold balance connector w/ flange 2805-734-8830 2343
7537607 T.O. Turret traverse lock 2240
T.O. Turret traversing safety control box 2240
G251-770-8005 T.O. Valve 2328N
G251-741-0400 N.O.S. Valve hotspot control 2910-741-0400 2025
T.O. Valve, accumulator, turret mounted 2421
G251-734-6481 N.O.S. Valves, exhaust 274
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