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G-103 STUART Tank M3, M3A1, M3A3, M5, M5A1
Part # Cond Description OS/MFG/ORD No. Bin
G103-153-7953 N.O.S. Air cleaner & cover-right assy. M5&M5A1 D60034 270
* T.O. Ammo can, M1A1(1917A1) w/ 1917A1/ 1918/ colt tri pod latch WWII 1335
* Unissued/used Ammo can, WWII - M2 - used non welded, welded 801
G122-011-5782 N.O.S. Band assy. Transmission front unit C1116239 832
G103-010-0126* N.O.S. Barrel & clutch assy B105683 1514
G103-052-5882 N.O.S. Base, taillight, M3A3 1869
G103-178-3250 N.O.S. Bearing, gun sight, periscope; M5, M5A1 374
G103-152-4000 N.O.S. Body, valve lifter A261655 1203
G103-152-4210* N.O.S. Bolt, steering brake drum, special controlled differential steering brake rim to flange 16 req. Also G103, G200, G236, G238 A266009 2292A
G103-030-0505 N.O.S. Bracket, gun cradle, turret, exterior 1380
* Repro Bracket, shovel mounting, spade end 1960B
* N.O.S. Bulbs, trouble light , WWII - for new style single contact socket - 12-16V 1089
G103-01-00885 N.O.S. Bushing, brass, 1954, approx. 1 7/8" L. x 1 3/8" diameter Ord 53-55 1784E
G103-176-7210 N.O.S. Cable w/ 9/16" conduit x 24" - Slave battery outlet C114256 2301
A45-030-0016 N.O.S. Canvas covers for receiver Mt Comb M23-37mm D58215 312
G103-153-1603 N.O.S. Cap, distributor, Cadillac V8 649
G103-769-7900 N.O.S. Cap, dust 395
WCD5835 NOS &TO Carburetors, Carter W.C.D. (N.O.S. = $185.00; TO = $95.00 228
G103-15-31660 N.O.S. Carrier, M5 & M5A1, planet, transmission front unit with intermediate shaft, 2 req. B227065 154B
G103-15-31655 N.O.S. Carrier, planet, transmission reverse unit assy, 2 req. M5, M5A1 A262469 / DTD-8604872 1930A
G103-153-9674* N.O.S. Coil, booster, engine ignition Cont Engine, Interchangeable with coil in Bin #60, used on M5 & M5A1 Stuart, M7 Preist, M18 Hellcat, M3A3 Stuart, M8 Motor Carriage, M4 & M4A1 Sherman radials & M39 Armored utility vehicles DR1889779 1507
G103-05-00563 N.O.S. Collar, splined, cr. motor, unsure M5 or M3 1887686 2290A
G102-154-0045* N.O.S. Connector, harness wiring to headlight wiring (also fits G102 and G104) A294100 1961
G103-010-1465 N.O.S. Cooler, transfer unit & controlled diff. oil assy. M5/M5A1 D58351- 1930-384-9561 1506
G38-012-0680 N.O.S. Cover 359/B141 517 1217
G103-G104* N.O.S. Cover, Receiver, Bow Gun D71883 1164
D59749* N.O.S. Cover, canvas assy, Cover muzzle 37mm Gun M6 FSN 456567499 642
G103 N.O.S. Cover, mount bracket M20 (zipper need replacement) D59788 136
G103-154-40062* N.O.S. Cover, turret traverse mech. hydr. pump idler gear A245582 1967A
G103-154-1401 N.O.S. Crank shafts (Cadillac) w/flywheel 130
G103-155-2110 N.O.S. Distributor assy w/cap 107514 840
G103-161-1412 N.O.S. Engine head-Left side 2520 653 0272 44
Made to Order Exhaust deflector, M5
G103-166-0624 N.O.S. Float, carburetor 21-805 1784
G103-21-38266* N.O.S. Frame, commutator end with brushes and conduit elbow DR190208 270C
T.O. Fuel tank, right vertical 118A
N.O.S. Fuel tank, right, vertical, M3, w/neck 118D
D50130 T.O. GAA Gear drive (1 w/mtr) Stuart/Chaffee- G103-G200 113
G103-533-0384 N.O.S. Gasket 9943 1268
G103-159-3648 N.O.S. Gasket, cylinder head C105544 M5 980
G103-159-3625* N.O.S. Gasket, door, mldg. RV, B.O. market light A265618 2020
P33579 N.O.S. Gasket, vacuum tank 682
5330 384 9954 N.O.S. Gaskets-controlled differential to transfer unit 5330 384 9954 304
G103-020-1427* N.O.S. Gauge, oil pressure A169292/C85670 107A
G103-050-0952 N.O.S. Gear, H.D. crankshaft 1887679 1201
G103-15-96026 N.O.S. Gear, M5 & M5A1, internal, transmissionreverse unit C105962 / DTD-8603263 2294B
G103-15-96041 N.O.S. Gear, M5 & M5A1, transmission front unit drive with oil pump drive gear and bushing assy. 2 req. A266355 2294A
8465-01-004-2893* N.O.S. Goggles, sun, wind & dust w/clear & gray lenses 1723
* T.O. Grenade, pineapple, demilled 856
G103-1-19303 N.O.S. Gyro stabilizer S-1230829 226A
G104-213-9988* N.O.S. Handle, spotlight w/conduit, plug & switch B207563A 1967
G103-153-1253* N.O.S. Harness, brass braided, w/fittings 12 1/2"L x 1/2" dia. 335
N.O.S. Head, cylinder, ;little Joe generator 154A
G104-1784-775* N.O.S. Headlight support assy, brass C105660 88
G103-161-8022 N.O.S. Housing engine flywheel, lower-Stuart/ Chaffee w/Chaffee pts 2805 657 6267/D85300 131
G103-15-82904 T.O. Indicator, AKA- Dipstick, oil level, transmission, with filler and breather assy., M5 &M5A1, 2 required B226939 2032A
N.O.S. Instrument Panel Dash M3A3 + 1 Dash feace 2465
G103-166-0624 N.O.S. Kit, carbureator repair A311695 837
42-P-5347* N.O.S. Kit, field cotter pins. Asst - 75pcs; 1-1/2" - 2-21/2" 1074
G104-282-3674* N.O.S. Kit, repair, turret slip ring(27pcs) also fits G163, 200, 204, 205, 207, 210 & 233 1518
G103 N.O.S. Knob, panel - light switch DM5999 929
H004-050-4433* Restored Lamp B.O. Driving 6-8V 1236
H004-050-4433* Lamp unit, B.O. driving w/hood - 6-8V 185 E
G103-181-9230* N.O.S. Lamp, Headlight 4" 12v. ser. headlight (G103, G136 & G176) 1240
G103-181-9230* N.O.S. Lamp, headlight - 4", 12V 1058
G103-167-3801 N.O.S. Lead, brush ground 412
N.O.S. Lens, eye piece - M70 telescopes 1477
G103 N.O.S. Lever, steering brake with gear, M3 and M3A1 312B
M001-021-4535* Restored Light unit assy. B.O. driving 6V; B.O. Marker 12V D59771-B 877
D59771B* N.O.S. Restored Light unit assy. B.O. driving 6V;B.O. Marker 12V w/brass post pedestal assy 877A
M001-010-7356* N.O.S. Light, trouble, late style - single contact - clam shell type 2264
G104-03-03792 T.O. Link, track, chevron style, T48" C106350 1142
G103-177-3245 N.O.S. Linkage, carburetor to transmission control w/springs 931
T.O. Meter, hours, 12 volt type MI-127, hobbs 226D
T.O. Meter, hours, 12 volt, type MI-106, hobbs 226F
G103-030-4820 N.O.S. Motor, wiper, 12V, M3-M3A1 2032
G104-043-4140* N.O.S. Nozzle, fixed fire ext. shielded rear right & left 3/16 orifice, 2 req., smaller B183323 - 7037039 297B
* N/O/S/ Oil can machine gun - blue lettering & screw on cap w/chain 1071
G200-560-8479* N.O.S. Oil cooler assy, transmission 2291
G103-158-3050* N.O.S. Oil filter, automatic - CUNO Auto Clean w/motor & cartridge-Type AT5, G103 Guiberson Engine Only 95134 391
T.O. Panel, instrument, rear panel only,with circuit breakers CM15 & CM30, M5A1 1335B
F1-757-8357* N.O.S. Periscope M6 w/heads 1382
1240 776 9401 N.O.S. Periscope heads - Top M6 G103 & G104 1240 776 9401 173
G103-173-8560 N.O.S. Pin, throttle rod A293150 1202
G103-17-38681 - G200-56-05774* N.O.S. Pinion, differential, internal, 6req., MS C105774 270A
G167-033-8854* N.O.S. Pistons with rings, radial engine W670 112
G103-173-8902 N.O.S. Pistons, stand w/pins&rings-Cadillac 2805 350 3756 12
2805 350 3757 N.O.S. Pistons-Little Joe Aux generator with rings & pin & Keeper 2805 350 3757 154
G103-17-40257 N.O.S. Plate, clutch driven, S, transmission rear unit, 24 req. M5 & M5A1 B227158 957E
G103-174-0206* N.O.S. Plate, locking, engine valve lifter guide screw, 8 req. Cadillac A261669 / GM1421731 412A
N.O.S. Plug, M5A1 7 pin, fits female receptacle #161E A311633 - AN3106-24-2P 161D
G103-174-0537 N.O.S. Plug, engine pan, drain, oil, Cadillac V8 2290
G163-034-0750* N.O.S. Plug, outlet, instrument panel, insert for 2 contact points 23210348080 574
G103-010-4705 N.O.S. Pump, fuel M3, 1954 1930C
C056-560-7309/1601 N.O.S. Pump, turret stabilizer - open or enclosed gear types M3 tanks 27 370 726
N.O.S. Pump, turret traverse G114941 270A
G103-174-6150 N.O.S. Pump, turret traverse, M3A1 D50947 1509
G103-050-0138* N.O.S. Race, cranking motor drive housing ball, inner, 1 req. LVT A1, A2 & A4 DR1887758 957D
G103-174-6480 N.O.S. Rack, Ammunition, 37mm, right hand, M3A1, 61 projectiles 2305
G103-050-17 N.O.S. Ratchet, stationary 1887680 1303
N.O.S. Receptacle, 3 pin, 24 volt AN3101-18-5S 161D
G103-53-11613 N.O.S. Receptacle, 4 pin, 24 volt, Amphenol, 1952 mfr. 161B
G103-53-11645 N.O.S. Receptacle, M5A1 1953, 7 hole, fits male plug #161D 161E
G103-23-67340 N.O.S. Regulator, voltage, 12 volt, M5 auxiliary generator B293151 / DR1118493 1784A
G103-010-4926 N.O.S. Ring, Piston A190538 1784B
G103-050-1985* N.O.S. Ring, cranking motor drive clutch spring, w/studs assy. DR1887717 957C
G103-17-69683/G200-526-2277* N.O.S. Ring, oil seal, transmission front serve brake apply piston, 2 req. M5 A262277 - DTD8600092 2292B
G103-17-69661 N.O.S. Ring, piston, oil, standard, 16 req. cadillac A261641 1784C
G103-030-3360 T.O. Roller, track supporting w/bracket assy 91
G103-17-82808 N.O.S. Seal, oil, engine crankcase front cover assy, M5/M5A1 493
G103-17-83155 T.O. Seat assy, Turret Gunner & Turret Loader M5 & M5A1 D59729 1570
G038-0168494* N.O.S. Seat, carburetor needle valve assy B5-P-13677 547
G226-529-3808* N.O.S. Sending unit, oil, eng. temp., Stuart transfer case, high pressure, G226, G103, G104 & others A293728 333
G103-17-46166 N.O.S. Servo & oil pump, transmission, front, w/ oil pressure regulator, M5, M5A1 C107744 / DTD-8604872 1930B
G103-17-83145 N.O.S. Servo-transfer unit reverse brake assy, M5 Tranny 2371
G127-03-84603 N.O.S. Shaft, main transmission w/planet carrier assy. M5 B227052 2292C
C220-00-562-2179* N.O.S. Shields, spotlight 64
G103-17-85000 N.O.S. Shoe, steering brake w/lining, rivets and connecting pins assy, M5/M5A1, 2 req., all 3 shoes together C105520 840C
G103-17-85040 N.O.S. Shoe, steering brake, bottom, M5/M5A1, 2 req., 1 single shoe D58314 840B
G103-17-85020 N.O.S. Shoe, steering brake, top, M5/M5A1, 2 req., 1 single shoe D58312 840A
* N.O.S. Shroud and fan support, radiator, M5 & Chaffee 1315
G104-050-0311* N.O.S. Slip ring box assy G103-010-0615 16
G103-176-9694* N.O.S. Slip ring box assy, M5A1 16
G10308-03410 N.O.S. Solenoid, firing, 12 volt B146160 226C
G103-1-5860 N.O.S. Springs, valve, inner 1511
N.O.S. Sprockets, 14 tooth 312A
C056-56-07555 N.O.S. Stabilizer control box, M3 & M5 C107555 226
G103-17-91930 N.O.S. Strainer, Oil assy C105519 2273
G103-050-2095* N.O.S. Stud & connector, regulator terminal assy A225816 1989
G103-050-2099 N.O.S. Support with bearing & gear - M3 - PC mark 1887670 247 421
G103-050-2122 N.O.S. Switch - dash panel, dim - push/pull - M3 927
G103-181-9317* N.O.S. Switch sending engine temp high/also fits Chaffee 224
G103-181-9315 N.O.S. Switch, sending unit, low engine pressure, 2 per unit A293599/SW438035 232
G104-629-6308* N.O.S. Switch,Turret Master/also for G104,185,187 G402-Dodge CCB296308 B193697A 111
N.O.S. Tachometer, french, O-2500, M3 3183190 837A
G200-526-1911* N.O.S. Thermostat, radiator 150 & 170 degree, 1952, smaller style 179
G200-534-42069* N.O.S. Thermostat, radiator, 175 degree 179A
G103-180-0300* N.O.S. Thermostats - 146 degrees & 165 degrees A261911 161
* T.O. Track Jacks (Large) 1 1/4" x 22 1/4" screw B484
* T.O. Track Jacks, Armored (Small) 1" x 17 1/2" screw A484
G103-16-96036 N.O.S. Turret gear box assy, hydraulic, traversing, M5 and M5A1 D60069 674
G103-182-7055* N.O.S. Valve, bypass, transmission oil 2294
G103-18-27199 / G103-18-27186 N.O.S. Valve, control, transmission, M5, 2 req., servo C107743 161C
G103-182-7070 N.O.S. Valve, intake, Cadillac V8 2285
G104-010-3443 N.O.S. Washer, spring shim 10-1792-2 1200
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