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Part # Cond Description OS/MFG/ORD No. Bin
* Unissued/used Ammo can, WWII - M2 - used non welded, welded 801
G136-2520-561-8151 N.O.S. Armature 933
G136-01-18141 N.O.S. Bearing assy, main steering shaft worm roller 1604
G067-120-1290* N.O.S. Bearing, std. front main, crankshaft for Hercules JXD engine G136-011-8119 1280
G136-021-7863 N.O.S. Bell housings, flywheel 172
G136-011-8523 N.O.S. Belt, generator drive 1150
G136-012-4266 N.O.S. Bolt, adjusting, handbrake B248825 1601
G102-560-0433* N.O.S. Boot, steering knuckle, rubber C100433 1617
G067-09-00665* N.O.S. Brush set, generator, 12V 2248
G067-120-0180* N.O.S. Camshafts (.0356 in lift) Engine lots 3 and up 129
G134-013-1584 N.O.S. (Mint) Carburator C118305 975
G136-013-5720 N.O.S. Choke, automatic, engine carb. 12volt 1613
G136-013-7813 N.O.S. Clamp, rear spring, front A-283770-D 2088
G102-030-1325* N.O.S. Clamp, steering knuckle boot, inner C85750/TD-A-3280 J-1622 1616
G256-740-0018* N.O.S. Clip, floor drain cable or aux. engine throttle cable 7400018 1197
G136-561-7305 N.O.S. Clutch pressure plates C117 305 141
G104-184-7875* N.O.S. Connector and wiring blackout marker and service headlight assy., 2 req., WI-411263, G102,104,147,136,162,185,187,200,204,205,207,210. B226749/GL5934933 1599
G136-65-36775 N.O.S. Crankshaft w/bearing, 42697 WI-321-169 1549
G136-01-43549 N.O.S. Cup, clutch, slave cylinder piston 1501
G136-023-2850 N.O.S. Cushion, Mntg. transmission transfer case B248681 1525
* N.O.S. Cushion, shock mount, instrument panel, square C107356 938
G104-153-1638* N.O.S. Distriubtor cap AL-IAC-1051 49
G136-015-7184 N.O.S. Drive, bendix, starter 2077
G136-016-9031 N.O.S. Elbow, hydrovac, Ck valve to coupling house A303764 2071
G136-012-2200 N.O.S. Fan blades 66
G136-018-0701 N.O.S. Fender, inner, drivers side 1944
G134-01-84641 N.O.S. Flange, companion, transfer unit end, prop. shafat U-joint 1508
G136-018-4603 N.O.S. Flanges, drive - front axle-G136, G102 2530 350 2941 289
G136-033-6069 T.O. Foot throttle assys, bead blasted/primed 214
G067-120-0500* N.O.S. Gasket, cylinder head JXD Engine-Copper & steel types C68991/HM2236C 1594
G136-703-4954 N.O.S. Gasket, instrument panel cover to inst panel body A334804 1600
G134-019-3834 N.O.S. Gasket, intake & Exhaust Engine manifold HM42057-B 1595
G134-019-3832 N.O.S. Gasket, strainer oil, pan, cork 2087
G136-620-9888 N.O.S. Gauge, fuel level 2092
G136-621-0455* N.O.S. Gauge, oil press. inst. panel 0-120lb; 6,12 or 24V B210455/G198-621-0455 1517
G136-615-3289 N.O.S. Gear, engine idler shaft B153289 878
G136-703-5002 N.O.S. Generator, w/pulley - M8 & M20 1467
8465-01-004-2893* N.O.S. Goggles, sun, wind & dust w/clear & gray lenses 1723
* T.O. Grenade, pineapple, demilled 856
CG-7 N.O.S. Handcrank for GN 58A generator 1161
G136-561-8400 N.O.S. Harness, wiring, instrument panel C118400 976
* T.O. Hook, towing, "T" style 1586A
G136* T.O. Hook, towing, with pin, 4 required 250
G136-038-3102 N.O.S. Kit, brake lining w/rivets (good for 1 axle) A284127 2076A
42-P-5347* N.O.S. Kit, field cotter pins. Asst - 75pcs; 1-1/2" - 2-21/2" 1074
G136-528-4643 N.O.S. Kit, generator repair, battery charging generator 958
G134-03-38818 N.O.S. Kit, piston & rod assy. clutch slave cyclinder, Ford A303277 1597A
G136-5284-551 N.O.S. Kit, regulator repair 2028
G136-013-1625 N.O.S. Kit, repair carburator 25 pc major overhaul C182-157 1149
H004-050-4433* Lamp unit, B.O. driving headlight w/hood - 6-8V H004-050-4433 185E
8-L-417* N.O.S. Lamp unit, B.O. tail signal - 4 opening 12V M001-010-7418/C84908H 1385
H004-050-4433 Restored Lamp, B.O. Driving 6-8V 1236
H004-050-4433 N.O.S. Lamp, B.O. Driving 6-8V 1057
N.O.S. Lamp, B.O. tail signal - 12V 1385
G103-181-9230* N.O.S. Lamp, Headlight 4" 12v. ser. headlight (G103, G136 & G176) 1240
N.O.S. Lamp, blackout - stop, upper 3320 GPA-13485 1059
G136-737-5510* T.O. Lifter , engine valve 2228 739
G136-737-6610* N.O.S. Lifter, engine valve w/nut & screw (12 req) 1593A
M001-021-4535* Restored Light unit assy. B.O. Driving 6V; B.O. Marker 12V D59771-B 877
D59771B* N.O.S. Restored Light unit assy. B.O. driving 6V;B.O. Marker 12V w/brass post pedestal assy 877A
G134-021-7485 N.O.S. Line, flexible front brake lines to wheel cyl (2 req) - 11" A285128-A 1574
G136-021-7819 N.O.S. Line, hydraulic, flexible hydrovac brake line to hull & front axle - 22"L A284017-B 1602
G136-62-48694 N.O.S. Motor, cranking, engine, assy (starter) MAY4138 2039
G134-034-5900 N.O.S. Oil pumps, engine assy 184 034 5900 27
G136-0333899 N.O.S. Pan, Oil, engine assembly HM-42396D 172A
* Repro Pin, tow hook, armored vehicle 1586B
N.O.S. Pintle hook, body (C118111), flange & bolts (H001-0116084) 707B
G136-033-6450* T.O. Pintle, towing w/shaft & spring 707C
G136-530-3257 N.O.S. Piston, clutch slave cylinder A303257 / BX-76776 1597
G176-52-82876 N.O.S. Piston, wheel brake cylinder w/o cup 1597B
G067-120-0855* N.O.S. Plug, tectolite, end thrust (timing gear cover) 2030
G154-034-2417 N.O.S. Post, starter terminal 1264
2 76220 N.O.S. Propeller shaft brake lining kit 608504 822
G136-737-6647 N.O.S. Ring set piston, .020 over - 24 pcs. Supersedes G067-120-1016 1520
G067-120-1017* N.O.S. Ring set, piston std. A284125A 1307
G176-528-5008 N.O.S. Screw in terminal - spark wire to dist. cap 949
G136-018-0660 N.O.S. Seal, felt, oil, bogie hub 2086
G136-528-4079 N.O.S. Seal, felt, steering gear sector shaft to hull, 1 required A284079 1512A
624-8884 N.O.S. Shaft, M8-M20 2085
G136-615-8447 N.O.S. Shaft, impeller water pump B158477 1573
G136-038-4831 N.O.S. Shaft, steering gear sector, assy. 4 to 1 ratio C118033 1512
G134-039-0000 N.O.S. Starter, engine cranking 99
T.O. Steering boxes w/columns(some w/ steering whs(used) 2530 561 8037 165
G134-039-1975 N.O.S. Strainer, engine oil pan assy HM-42390-BS 2245
G104-309-0303* N.O.S. Switch, instrutment light, w/o control lever, off/dim/bright etc. rotary 5 position, 1 req. M4A1 76mm C102763 / DM-6329 934A
N.O.S. Tail light assy. - Right 1060
T.O. Tow hooks (Small) Armored vehicle A486
G102-020-6442* N.O.S. Valve, brake vacuum, with steel bracket A303510 FMG8T 2089 2150
G067-12-01540* N.O.S. Valve, engine intake, Hercules JXD Engine, Studebaker - 643422 1592
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