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Part # Cond Description OS/MFG/ORD No. Bin
DM36D N.O.S. 24V Dynamotor 906
AS-3166 N.O.S. Antenna assy parts GRC 685
T.O. (VG) Antenna bag for MS116-117-118 & Accessories BG-174 1004
N.O.S. Antenna tiedown white porcelain insulator & snap clip-no cord MP vehicles 695
BC1362* N.O.S. Armored exterior phone boxes Sherman Tank & others A191
CW-308/U N.O.S. Bags w/rope closure - 14 1/2"H x 18"R. Signal Corps, US ARMY - cotton duck for An/TPX accessories 659
C/663/VIA-I T.O. Box, radio control, external/inter phone/field tel. 1351
MDM10 N.O.S. Buss fusetrons 3Z2610-4 694
5995-170-4516 N.O.S. Cable assy, Type CX-1210/U, 6' 4-1/2"L, 14 pin - Fits RT68 Rec. 1002
CY744PRC T.O. Case U.S. Signal Corps 496
T.O. Communications box Mount - M48 TANK 10873331 183
CG530 E/U N.O.S. Cord - 10' long w/91737U3-2600/U connectors 5995 985 7581 683
CO1773B/V N.O.S. Cord - 16' long RG58C/U 604
CA307 N.O.S. Cord, CA307, Ext. cord for headsets w/PL55 plug & JK26 Jack 1771
CW/206 GR N.O.S. Cover, radio 2007
5840-505-2305 T.O. Drive, assy. antenna 1543
Type CW21109A T.O. Very good Dynamotor - Filter unit, 12V, DM35D-part of Model RU-16 Aircraft radio 500
GN58A T.O. Generator, radio, hand crank - no cranks 72
RC-298 N.O.S. Hardware kit - Interphone ext installation-Sherman & others 6L80070 681
17H-9 N.O.S. Headset CCN49507-B 632
T.O. Headset H113-R 633
N.O.S. Headset & boom mic H195-R 634
T.O. Headset assy NXSR73917 627
4A916 N.O.S. Headset, H516-A, 1953, WWII style 621
N.O.S. Insulator for MP48A Mast base IN-21 1003
IN-118 N.O.S. Insulator, phenolic for MP48 ant. mast base 1001
NL523B66-024 N.O.S. Insulator, porcelin, brown, 4" x 3/4", antenna tiedown 81143 1835
5820 00 892 3339 T.O. Intercommunications control C2298 VCR M113-M113A1 APC
T.O. Intercommunications control w/CX4723 cord 1-3'; 1-5' & mtg bracket M113-M113A1 APC 603A
T.O. Interconnect cables for PP112/RT68 transceiver CX1211/U 1024
* N.O.S. Kit, repair, interphone system-exterior armored phone box R298 IP - Sherman & others 649
T.O. Loudspeaker 1944 LS3 603
T.O. M50 Israeli Radio inst. misc. harnesses, wiring, fittings Sherman Tank M50 650
T.O. Good Mast base, antenna AB-15 AB-15 1048
5965-164-7314 N.O.S. Microphone T-45 Lip mic. Phila. 1943-WWII vehicles 23648 1513
M6A/UR T.O. Microphone w/JJ055 plug 692
Korea Era N.O.S. Microphone, carbon M52 A/U 631
1944 Era T.O. Microphone, handset, press to talk NO.3 691
MT1043 Used Mount ARA-25 1940
276721-508 N.O.S. Mount, radio FT508 w/hardware Kit 6L80064 937
H23 T.O. Phone hand set, sold with armored phone box only Sherman Tank & others B191
Amphenol T.O. Plug - 9 pin -Size 28 687
Metallic CPP2 T.O. Power Supply 12V or 24V 1212723 1021
PP112GR T.O. Power supply GRC 1019
DY 98-G T.O. Power supply, dynamotor 1941
BC606D T.O. Radio Interphone boxes 2317
BG56A N.O.S. Radio antenna bags - various colors 973
5820 219 6078 N.O.S. Radio cover, canvas CW329G 135
N.O.S. Radio ground wire w/safety tree hooks - 35'L AN-23-A 1560
H33F/PT N.O.S. Radio handset w/U161/U plug 16337PP62 603
BC-658-C T.O. Radio interphone box 2318
BC-658-B N.O.S. Radio interphone box with cords & plugs 2318B
BC1361 T.O. Radio interphone boxes 704
MT1029 VRC T.O. Radio mounts for RT246 & RT524 VRC 494
401237 N.O.S. Radio power cables - Half-track M-16 401237 M16 386
RM-39 T.O. Radio, control unit signal corps 245
AS 580A/ARN30-A13B T.O. Ramshorn aircraft antenna for use w/ARN-30D aircraft radios 1088
RT68/GRL Various-T.O. Receiver/transmitter 1942
N.O.S. Shock mounts; 1-3/4"x1-3/4" square 938
T.O. Speaker, LS454 w/U229 for PRL-25-27(1-LS454;1-LS454V) Misc Armored Vehicle 604
BC-1361-A T.O. Switch box 2319
NEW T17 microphone hangers 1022
6105 635 3071 N.O.S. Weather station - servo motor/tachometer AN/TMQ5C 1028
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