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G104 Sherman Tank
Part # Cond Description OS/MFG/ORD No. Bin
G104-010-0004 N.O.S. Adapter, cable outlet 2050
G266-620-97187 T.O. Adapter, driveshaft, assy - angle type 2 479
2805 350 7429 N.O.S. Air intake crossover tubes 3
* T.O. Ammo can for .30 Cal. Co-axial & Stationary M.G. 702
* T.O. Ammo can, M1A1(1917A1) w/ 1917A1/ 1918/ colt tri pod latch WWII 1335
Unissued/used Ammo can, WWII - M2 , used non welded, welded 801
G104-560-0956 T.O. Arm, locking lower w/guide & stop assy. C100956 911
G104-620-9956 T.O. Arm, supporting: upper w/brace B209956 912
G163-700-8423* N.O.S. Arm, windshield wiper assy 7008423 1133
G104-151-0350 N.O.S. Armature assy, Auto-Lite generator, 1 req. M4A1 etc. AL-GFR2055F 123A
T.O. Armor, right rear horizontal fuel tank 666
T.O. Armored doors for .76mm shell storage behind co-driver 106
BC1362* N.O.S. Armored exterior phone boxes Sherman tank and others A191
G104-658-0491 T.O. Aux. generator parts, Little Joe, includes Flywheel, magneto, crankcase & cylinder head D80491 2387
G104-538-1395 T.O. Axle, carriage A381395 914
D78232A T.O. Azimuth indicator - M18-G104-G163-G244-G226 C25
D78232A T.O. Azimuth indicator - M19-G104-G163-G244-G226 B25
1290 706 8178 T.O. Azimuth indicator - M20-G104-G163-G244-G226 7068178 A25
G104-25-31568/G104-83-88602* N.O.S. Bail, engine generator shield cover, Deco Remy DR1902051 1611C
G104-560-0948 T.O. Base, seat; w/brace and frame C100948 913
G104-735-0392 N.O.S. Bearing set, Main 0.020 undersize 17379 2055
G104-151-8074* N.O.S. Bearing, camshaft, front right w/cap - GAA FMGG6271/A296453 306
G226-529-6735* N.O.S. Bearing, Camshaft, intermediate, w/ cap and dowels pins 12 req. ( Supercedes bearing 7058674)GAA FM-GG6622, A296735 285A
H012-070-3001;7731 N.O.S. Bearing, Roller front main (C-1) 359
G104-010-0284 N.O.S. Bearing, bushing type. (3 way accy/drivegear) Standard 482
G226-529-6734* N.O.S. Bearing, camshaft, front left w/cap - GAA FMGG6221/A296734 285
G226-529-4745 N.O.S. Bearing, main - Standard GAA (Sold in pairs) 2805 529 4745 9
G163-700-6872* N.O.S. Bearing, main, rear, C-4, standard CO-202498 742
2530-752-1469 N.O.S. Bearing, skate rail roller, mach gun mount 349
G163-700-8424 N.O.S. Blade, windshield wiper w/bracket assy - 4 1/2" L STP-70509
G104-541-4045 N.O.S. Block, terminal harness junction box (Part of box assy B325657) 1 req., M4A1 800D
G104-705-5763 N.O.S. Block, terminal, bulkhead terminal box, lower, supercedes block B197659, 1 req. M4A1 A7055763 800E
G212-658-0511 N.O.S. Blowers turret ventileting w/ lights 1478
G104-562-4391 N.O.S. Body, GAA oil pump (part of pump assy. C124400 C124391 981D
FMGAA 9670 N,O.S. Body, adapter, carburetor 2191
G104-769-9093 N.O.S. Body, fuel primer pump barrel with nuts 655
T.O. Bogie wheel assy, with shock & bracket, wide track 2471
G104-703-7292 N.O.S. Bolt, Hex head, bracket supporting, Cowl, C4 7037292 1635
G104-152-4137 N.O.S. Bolt, clutch - 3/8" - 16 NC spring retaining guide A244884 741
7069543 N.O.S. Bolt, track shoe 344
T.O. Bolt, with hood, bogie wheel & idler wheel, wide track 2470
G104-560-1039 N.O.S. Box, battery & inst light, for mount gun M4A1 142
G104-212-4531 N.O.S. Box, fire detector 1611
G158-012-4490* T.O. Box, throttle valve, assy - A975 engine C91125 2229C
G104-152-5790* T.O. Brace, carburetor elbow R975 engine D50205 2229D
T.O. Bracket, breech operating cam, 76MM D69964 15E
G104-174-0228 N.O.S. Bracket, contact with points assy; (Distributor point) Formerly G249-735-5751 293
G104-152-5873 N.O.S. Bracket, engine mount outer front - GAA C124329 1503
* Repro Bracket, shovel mounting, spade end 1960B
G104-030-0710 T.O. Bracket, supporting rear beam, engine R975 B132999 2057
T.O. Bracket, upper, 76MM stabilizing cylinder to hull roof 15I
N.O.S. Breaker, circuit, Klixon Manual reset type 60amp, Master switch box 1526
G104-236-7453 N.O.S. Breaker, circuit, gun firing stabilizer, 25amp B199968P, 7000317, 7035028 1526A
G104-159-2600* N.O.S. Breaker, circuit, manual reset; 105amp, 24V, Master switch 7035029 1983
G104-23-76453 N.O.S. Breaker, coil, gen/reg. circuit assy (also fits G128,185,187,199,205,207,232,233) VAD-3106 1521
G251-798-2312* T.O. Brow pad, periscope w/mtng plate A263103 940
G104-050-0440 N.O.S. Brush, cranking motor, Eclispe type 817 model 1 Type A, M4, M4A1 E60249 859A
G104-25-55040 N.O.S. Brush, generator, Cadillac mfg. A410276 932B
* N.O.S. Bulbs, trouble light , WWII - for new style single contact socket - 12-16V 1089
G104-705-5625 N.O.S. Bushing A7055-5625 1267
G104-1-284 N.O.S. Bushing 1223
G104-01-00285 N.O.S. Bushing 3 way access. drive, vac. pump dr. shaft, M4 brz. A229720 / CWR-200915 1611B
G104-050-0160 N.O.S. Bushing, Little Joe, connecting rod, Homelite 10187 1240
G104-153-1340 N.O.S. Cable, accelerator control M4-M4A1 B200328B 217
G104-153-1306 N.O.S. Cable, power, 84"L, stranded - unknown application 654
G104-184-7875* N.O.S. Cable, service, headlight assy; part of light assy D59630A B226749 1599
G210-620-0284 N.O.S. Cage, floor drain B200284 474
G104-350-4498 N.O.S. Cam Ca 5242 1221
G104-153-1491 N.O.S. Cam, distributor breaker 7002842 2048
FMGAA6248B T.O. Camshaft assy, left & right, G.A.A., w/support assy & gears 2432
G104-050-0620 N.O.S. Cap, bearing, generator Eclipse Equal A165617 323
G104-562-4368 N.O.S. Cap, main bearing intermediate - used on engines 12072 and up C124368 859
G226-7069-545* N.O.S. Cap, track link assy. 706 9545 345
NA/Y5G T.O. Carburetor, G.A.A. 15A
Rebuilt Carburetors, G.A.A.-Stromberg Mod. NA/Y5G 15
G104-706-8857 N.O.S. Clutch w/flywheel assy (less fan) 2520 706 8857 150
T.O. Co-driver seat 106
G104-050-0760 N.O.S. Coil booster C1 & C4 engines 24 volts, interchangeable with Coil in Bin #1507, Used on M5 & M5A1 Staurt, M7 Preist, M18 Hellcat, M3A3 Stuart, M8 Motor Carriage, M4& M4A1 Sherman radials &M39 Armored utility vehicles 2920 350 4377 60
G104-153-9691 N.O.S. Coil, GAA, starter, field, engine cranking motor, lower left, G197, 199, 204, 205, 210, 225, 226, 233, 187 & 510 762A
G104-176-7330 N.O.S. Coil, assy. Voltage regulator Detroit Diesel engine part 1887617 1636
G103-153-9674* N.O.S. Coil, booster, engine ignition Cont Engine, Interchangeable with Coil in Bin # 60, Used on M5 & M5A1 Stuart, M7 Preist, M18 Hellcat, M3A3 Stuart, M8 Motor Carriage, M4 & M4A1 Sherman radials & M39 Armored utility vehicles DR1889779 1507
G104-153-9693 N.O.S. Coil, field, starter G.A.A. Lower right assembly ALMBD 10105 762
G104-774-3816 N.O.S. Coil, starter switch assy 10501 2044
G104-153-9690 N.O.S. Coil, starter, field upper left assy., 1 req. GAA AL-MBD10075 762A
G104-05-007963 N.O.S. Condenser, generator regulator bottom box assy. M4, M4A1 EC-101380 863A
G104-154-0000 N.O.S. Conduit 400
G104-621-0282 N.O.S. Conduit harness, dome light blower 932
G104-732-6559* N.O.S. Conduit w/wire - 1/4"x30" 320
G104-15-40002 N.O.S. Conduit, GAA, ignition, lower left and right assy, 2 req. GAA12360 - A296654A 778A
G104-752-1088 N.O.S. Conduit, braided cable with elbow & nuts, 3/4' dia., 50"L 187A
G104-257-9006 N.O.S. Conduit, flexible (booster coil, low tension cable) used w/scintilla magneto B285064/CO202829 1182
G104-039-6249/G104-010-0401 N.O.S. Cone, hub, flywheel, front B154481B 1991
G104-01-00405 N.O.S. Cone, tranny, friction 1515B
G104-010-0407 N.O.S. Cone, transmission bearing B181952 1515
G104-01-00405 N.O.S. Cone, traqnny, friction, fifth speed gear B181950 1515A
G104-521-3101* N.O.S. Connector, Gunners periscope housing control link A213103 736
G104-62-94337 N.O.S. Connector, fixed fire extinguisher front cylinder to check valve w/nuts assy. B2943387 297A
G210-534-6020 N.O.S. Connector. engine generator brush, G104, G187, G210 346020 932C
G104-629-4332 N.O.S. Control, fuel shutoff, valve assy 2910 629 4332 389
G104-654-6212 N.O.S. Countershaft 1st & reverse speed 119
G104-030-1629 N.O.S. Couping, generator rubbers assy, hausing end 11476FS 1982
C139817 N.O.S. Couplers, track 297
205 7066707 N.O.S. Cover, adjusting, left sand shield - rear 7066707 1173
F285-560-1161 N.O.S. Cover, canvas, Azimuth Indicator C101161 1445
G104-705-6325 N.O.S. Cover, fuel tank filler 7056324 97
G104-77-12433 N.O.S. Cover, steering brake differential 2410
G103-154-40062* N.O.S. Cover, turret traverse mech. hydr. pump idler gear A245582 1967A
T.O. Cradle assy., 30 cal machine gun, turret E10016 15D
G163-657-8278 N.O.S. Cranking levers, radial engine - 59" overall (Shorten18" for Sherman use) 463
G104-154-3501 N.O.S. Cushion, seat bottom assy. for M4 w/105 Driver, co-driver & gunner B229591 1622
N.O.S. Cushion, shock mount, instrument panel - Square type C107356 938
T.O. Cylinder & piston assy., gun stabilizing, 76MM with mounting brackets & hoses C97275 15H
G104-154-5604* N.O.S. Cylinder assy; auxiliary generator, HRUH-28, Little Joe HL-AA349 2034
G207-737-4188 N.O.S. Data plate-vehicle specs-small one- 2 1/2"w x 5 1/2" L; M4A1, 76mm, WET CO1O1218-AV 1355
Decal Set, Interior Tools & Equipment, 11 Decals 964
G233-7058469 T.O. Deflector, exhaust, right, welded, armor type 513
G104-563-5849 N.O.S. Disc, double support roller w/tire- H.V.S.S. C135849 978
G104-563-5856 N.O.S. Disc, inner roller w/ tire assy 5"x 10" - H.V.S.S. C135856 105
G104-563-5844 N.O.S. Disc, roadwheel - incl. disk,rim and tire - H.V.S.S. C135844 979
G104-153-1638* N.O.S. Distributor caps, Chrysler - Multi Bank engine 49
G104-625-7848* N.O.S. Door, periscope housing w/hinge assy B257848 970
G199-519-6382 N.O.S. Dowel, G.A.A. 827
G104-174-0540 N.O.S. Drainplug, engine oil pan G105, G187, G199 406
G104-529-6687 N.O.S. Drive, GAA, engine tachometer quill and rev. counter GAA-17282 2432C
G104-21-57182 N.O.S. Drive, engine starter assy. GAA w/ Bendix B258292 1073
T.O. Driver seat 106
G104-238-2199 N.O.S. & REPRO Drivers seat, sub-base C100941 110
N.O.S. Duct, air, turret ventilating blower w/supports PMP155 1478A
G104-010-0562* T.O. Elbow, carburetor to manifold - R975 Engine C95333 2229B
G104-010-0561 N.O.S. Elbow, priming jet, cylinder head C-1, supercedes Elbow A165173, 6 req. CO2026301, A249569, AIR-AN4023 827A
G104-538-1903* N.O.S. Elbow,unit to engine hose, C-1 & C-4 126
5340 699 8999 N.O.S. Engine heaters, kit assy. G249, 570, 1195 - 24V; Model 591-24-1; Perfection series 591 M4A3 tank/7732015 170
G104 T.O. Engine oil cooler - M4A1E8 475
G104-73-65714 T.O. Fan, Radiator cooling with hub and shroud 2454
N.O.S. Fender, front left, M3 Tank 1841
T.O. Fender, front left, wide track-factory cut for step 2186
6581259* N.O.S. Fender, rear right, narrow track M4A3 & M7 Priest 548A
G226-629-6713 N.O.S. Filler, oil, w/cap & lock assy, G.A.A. B296713 1966
T.O. Fire extinguishers CO2; 15lb Charge size; 40 lb M.T. First stamped 1944 ( not interior tank bottles) 27"H x 6 1/2" Dia.- Charged 1460
T.O. Firing solonoids for Hull .30Cal M.G. 789
T.O. Fixture, track removing, Jack H.D. Box type - No ratchet 1421A
T.O. Fixture, track removing, Jack, H.D. Box type 1421
G104-158-4658 N.O.S. Flange, mounting, bosch magneto, radial 1305
G104-706-7362 N.O.S. Flange, spindle, for clutch assy 7067270 & 7068857 7067362 1988
G104-010-0605 N.O.S. Float Assy, Carb., radial engine B197577 953
G104-15-86550 T.O. Foot, auxiliary generator mounting HL-19902 15K
G104-04-00691 N.O.S. Fork, transmission shifter, 1st & reverse speed C77564 1020
G104-218-8252 N.O.S. Frame, Generator - rebuild (also G104-839-2891) 2920 039 6462;2320 039 6462 390
G104-741-5827 N.O.S. Fuel pump - G.A.A. 1538354 756
G104-741-5827 N.O.S. Fuel pump w/priming handle 1538354 772
T.O. Fuse setter - M26 w/case 103A
A-265618 N.O.S. Gasket assy; B.O. marker light, felt & backing plate 1629
G104-15-93811 N.O.S. Gasket, GAA, Left camshaft housing outer (valve cover gasket) 122A
G104-219-3967 N.O.S. Gasket, GAA, radio suppression shield breaker cap cover, 2 req. M4A3 etc. BO-GA5269 932A
G104-010-0677 N.O.S. Gasket, distributor cylinder A278470 124
G103-159-3625* N.O.S. Gasket, door, mldg. RV, B.O. market light A265618 2020
G104-050-1290 N.O.S. Gasket, dust cover, eclipse starter, radial 1298
G104-541-2838* N.O.S. Gasket, felt paper, dome light door A412838 1633
G104-268-8459 N.O.S. Gasket, head, lefts, GAA GAA-6063B 388
G226-526-5600* N.O.S. Gasket, headlight mtg. - 1-1/4" I.D. x 1-3/4" O.D. x 9/16" thick A265600 1990
G104-159-3811 N.O.S. Gasket, left camshaft housing, outer, GAA GAA6579 / D66311 122A
G163-700-08780* N.O.S. Gasket, oil sump rocker box drain fitting to oil sump, C-1 & C-4 CO203466 1215
G104-050-2120* N.O.S. Gauge, meter, hour, Hobbs MFg. 24V, M7 Priest, G128-618-3420 B183420 2297
G104-159-4117 N.O.S. Gauge, temp 100-260 degrees B207271/SW442103 2059
G104-529-6807 N.O.S. Gear set, magneto, engine drive assy, GAA, 1 req. FM-GAA125513B 2232A
G104-620-0395 N.O.S. Gear, bevel, turret hand operated traversing mech. secondary shaft, M3 &M4 AKA G104-030-2586 G200395 863B
G104-050-1320 N.O.S. Gear, crank direct electric cranking motor, driving EC63016 1220
G104-050-1340 N.O.S. Gear, direct electric cranking motor, intermediate EC63020 1522
G104-269-2400 N.O.S. Gear, idler, scavenger pump - used with pump CO-203338 & CO-202359, 1 req., radial engine 11645 245B
G104-04-00940 N.O.S. Gear, transmission, assy. 3rd speed output shaft 1382A
G104-159-6450 N.O.S. Generator, M3A5, Med tank (diesel) 320
T.O. Generators, C1 &C4; Eclipse Aircraft - Model 31 - Type 314 --D47404) 123
8465-01-004-2893* N.O.S. Goggles, sun, wind & dust w/clear & gray lenses 1723
104-16-02030 N.O.S. Govenor, Engine GAA 18200 422
G104 N.O.S. Grenade box, 11 x 6 3/4 x 2 3/4 528
7537243* T.O. Grenade boxes- 4 compartment - 11" x 5 1/2" x 2 3/4" 475
* T.O. Grenade, pineapple, demilled 856
G104-52-96651 N.O.S. Grommet, magneto radio shield for ground wire 703D
G226-560-0914 T.O. Guard, periscope, welded C100914 967
G104-741-0831 N.O.S. Gudgeon, suspension arm (bracket end) B168446A 1523
G104-620-9961 T.O. Guide, Horizontal Adj. - left side B209961 916
G104 T.O. Guide, Horizontal Adj. - right side B209960 917
G104-160-5506 N.O.S. Guide, intake valve (.010 oversize) C-1 engine only 9 req. or as reguired B154486D 742D
G232-706-9549* N.O.S./T.O. Guide, track link assy, 706 9549 346
G104-160-9115 N.O.S. Handle, pistol port door C97253
G104-620-9954 T.O. Handle, releasing, vertical w/retaining door knob B209954 915
T.O. Handle, spotlight W/ remote control, wiring, arm, shaft 614
G104-213-9988* N.O.S. Handle, spotlight w/conduit, plug & switch B207563A 1967
B21082 N.O.S. Harness assy, dome lamp & blower 528 1184 909
G226-529-6645* N.O.S. Harness assy; Magneto, w/sp plug wires & caps, G.A.A. 444
G104-563-6173 N.O.S. Harness, aux generator and air duct heater coil assy., 1 req., M4A1, includes C136173AC & AB 187B
G104 N.O.S. Harness, braided 70X100 3C-4 859
G207-73-26556 N.O.S. Harness, periscope rheostat assy, M4A1 2326
N.O.S. Harnesses, engine - generator to regulator assy 2123978 187
G104-534-9478* N.O.S. Hatch seals - bundles of 5 288
G104-03-01983 T.O. Hatch, drivers door, M4 Sherman - early type 508848; C96659 2215
G104-2920-496-4303 N.O.S. Head, GAA starter, with springs 297D
G104-161-1462 N.O.S. Head, brush holder ring w/plates HL25013 & HL19500B Little Joe HL19763 2035
6455 13325 T.O Head, shock absorber MAE-13325 1174
G104-163-1456 N.O.S. Head, traversing mechanism 1493
G104-1784-775* N.O.S. Headlight support assembly, brass C105660 88
2805 541 1706 N.O.S. Heads, Left side, W/O Cam, GAA 137
2805 541 1707 N.O.S. Heads, Right side w/o cam - G.A.A. 122
19207SOCN16694891 T.O. Heater, vehicular Compartment - 24V; 60,000 BTU-Multi fuel 2540 169 5159 133
D542-00G1 T.O. Heaters, Perfection Mfg. G104, M4A3 - Model 510A -60,000BTU; 24V 11601809 101
G104-050-1475 N.O.S. Holder, little Joe with brushes. aux. generator, M4 & M4A1 HL-5760 / C95276 2432D
N.O.S. Hood, drivers hatch assy. narrow hatch, incl. windshied, wiper, defroster/M4A4, 749
G104-657-8355 N.O.S. Hood,, drivers hatch, narrow hatch - frame & canvas - M4, M4A1, M4-105, M4A3 6578355 078355 1044
G104-040-1278 N.O.S. Hook, towing clip - for 1-1/2" Pin - 5" O.A. length A213744 1586
G210-75-21121, G104-16-17529 N.O.S. Hose, fuel pump to fuel filter, GAA GAA-A-244864-E 800A
G163-737-6654* T.O. Housing, flywheel aux.generator-HRUH 28, Little Joe 7376654 2029
G104-273-7101 T.O. Housing, gun loaders periscope w/holder assy G97292A/G104-221-7861 2075
G104-273-7101 T.O. Housing, gun loaders periscope w/holder assy G97292A/G104-221-7861 2075
T. O. Hub, wide track, rear idler wheel 2469
T.O. Idler wheel assy 2468
G210-700-5706 N.O.S. Insert - valve seat- G104 Sherman w/G.A.A. engine; G210 207
G104 T.O. Interior Barrel Lock 475
T.O. Interior armor plate w/S.M.G. Brackets that mounts below radio base 106
G104-2910-350-4681 N.O.S. Jets, G.A.A. 433
42-P-5347* N.O.S. Kit, field cotter pins. Asst - 75pcs; 1-1/2" - 2-21/2" 1074
G104-703-5454 N.O.S. Kit, fuel pump repair - neoprene 538
2805-570-0230* N.O.S. Kit, gasket set engine-Cont. Radial- 48 pcs., valve covers, magnetos, fuel pump, oil pump, starter 1527
G244-752-8372* N.O.S. Kit, repair - carburator - NAY56 GMC/CO52684 23
N.O.S. Kit, repair generator field coil, Autolite 1521A
G104-282-3674* N.O.S. Kit, repair turret slip ring (27 pcs) -also fits G163,200,204,205,207,210 & 233 1518
G104-538-4877 N.O.S. Kit, repair, turret slip ring with springs & brushes 1518A
G104-060-0700 N.O.S. Kit, repair, universal joint MACK#201SJ14 245A
H004-050-4433* Restored Lamp B.O. Driving 6-8V 1236
N.O.S. Lamp unit Red Oval 24V Service/tail/stop H004-050-4415 941
H004-050-4418 N.O.S. Lamp unit, B.O. Tail light, lower right & left - 24V 1568
H004-050-4433* Lamp unit, B.O. driving w/hood - 6-8V 185 E
H004-050-4415 N.O.S. Lamp unit, B.O. tail upper Left (Service & stop) 24V 1567
H104-019-3126 N.O.S. Lamp unit, Service headlight - Type L fog - 24V 185F
N.O.S. Lamp unit, Service headlight - double contact - 24V 185G
N.O.S. Lamp, headlight - 24V H004-019-3126 942
N.O.S. Latches, periscope boxes 905
N.O.S. Lens, eye piece - M70 telescopes 1477
T.O. Lever (handle), lock, drivers or co-drivers hatch release with spring B289669 345C
T.O. Lid 105 mm Spare parts box - 11-1/4"L x 6" W - 2 pin hinges, 1 tension clasp 983
G104-161-1516* N.O.S. N.R. Light, combination - blackout driving, and blackout marker - 24V-28V 185
T.O. Light, instrument M33 D7690132 539
G104-657-8454* N.O.S. Light, instrument, azimuth indicator-M20-M21 D-78454 703A
8L-405-24 N.O.S. Light, tail & stop assy. B.O. 24V H004-050-4402 1996
M001-010-7356* N.O.S. Light, trouble, late style - single contact - clam shell type 2264
G104-070-0285 N.O.S. Limiter 864
G232-704-8212 T.O. Link assy. track pad T-84 7048212 89
G199-529-6635 N.O.S. Link, carb. control lever, GAA GAA9859-C 15B
T.O. Link, track shoe assy - narrow track (3-T54E1 steel type; 1 - rubber type) 473
G206-706-9556 T.O. Link, track shoe, steel T80 style 7069556 1377
G104-03-003794 N.O.S. Link, track, solid rubber T51, narrow track C95147 1142A
G104-534-9487* N.O.S. Lock, cupola door hinge, 1 req. A349487 1382B
G104-610-8986 N.O.S. Lock, pintle group assy. Turret -M.T.D. M.G. Pintle (Use from inside ) B108986 794
G104-286-1296 N.O.S. Lock, tachometer driveshaft cap A381128 358
G118-027-9864 T.O. Lock, turret hatch race, assy D53026 1069
N.O.S. M50 smoke discharger firing box - 2 button 656
G104-703-5196 T.O. Maganeto, right MJF4B316R 981A
G104-177-3596 N.O.S. Magnet, magneto rotating distributor front assy. - 2 required - Am Bosch C92118 766
2920 700 2846 N.O.S. Magneto covers G.A.A. 38
G104-178-4869 N.O.S. Magneto shield, bosch, radio, radial BO-CY52296 - C92131 981B
MJT9A306 T.O. Magneto, Radial engine, American Bosch 2430
MJN14K307 T.O. Magneto, radial engine, American Bosch 2431
G104-168-7401 N.O.S. Manifold, engine water outlet G.A.A. (G104-187-199-204) 21
G205-736-5430 N.O.S. Motor, 24V, Horn assy SP-B9780 1933
G104-705-9705 N.O.S. Mounting assy, rear, Motor G.A.A. FMGAA6037B 2043
G104-030-4072 N.O.S. Mufflers, M4, M4A1, M4105 D51372 A92
G104-010-1138 N.O.S. Nozzle, carb., pump discharge (variacble no 50), radial C1 or C4 2 req. A245844 652
G104-030-4140* N.O.S. Nozzle, fixed fire ext. shielded rear right & left 3/16 orifice, 2 req., smaller B183323 - 7037039 297B
G104-618-3326* N.O.S. Nozzle, fixed fire ext. system, sheiled front & center, right & left 9/32 orifice, 4 req. large orifice B183326 297C
H101-050-3331* N.O.S. Nut, safety; 5/8" x 18 N.F., zinc plated for cap, bolt track link 503363 345A
* N/O/S/ Oil can machine gun - blue lettering & screw on cap w/chain 1071
T.O. Oil cooler fittings, misc 475
G103-158-3050* N.O.S. Oil filter, automatic - CUNO Auto Clean w/motor & cartridge-Type AT5 95134 391
G104-308-0496 N.O.S. Outlet, socket - inst. panel - M4 & M4A1-lamp A348650 322
G104-708-9877 N.O.S. Pad, breather, steel mesh DDE 5165218 1219
G104-05-02661 N.O.S. Panel, genrator regulator assy, Eclipse type, 2 req., M4 EC-101448 1611A
F1-0037537 N.O.S. Periscope M8A1 w/telescope M39A2 509
F1-757-8357* N.O.S. Periscope , M6 w/heads 1382
FSN6650-759-7754* N.O.S. Periscope - M-13, M-37, M-19A1, M-39, M-52, & M-47 7643904 2252
M8A1 N.O.S. Periscope M8A1, gunners w/telescope for gun mount M62 1162
G104-734-8563/8564* N.O.S. Periscope bases-O.D. 8 1/2"; I.D. 8"-Segment , hsg - lower left 48
1240 776 9401 N.O.S. Periscope heads; G104-G103 - M6 top head 173
M4A1 T.O. Periscope, center section 316390 507A
G104 T.O/NOS Periscope, bottom sight lens assy (2TO; 1 NOS) 750
M6 T.O. Periscope, center section 7578357 508A
53155165175 N.O.S. Pin - 5/8" O.A. - 1/4" dia. flathead w/cotter pin hole 1232
G104-538-1405 T.O. Pin, clevis 1/4" x 1-1/2" A381405 920
G104-040-1280 N.O.S. Pin, dowel contr. differential compensating case cover 339
* N.O.S. Pioneer straps - 1" x 10" w/2"x3" pad MC7874 888
G104-752-0755 N.O.S. Pipe, exhaust G.A.A. left, flange can be cut off & rewelded for right side C95244B 1621
G104-233-8815 N.O.S. Piston, G.A.A. Standard C124332 861
G104-176=9830 N.O.S. Piston, ring set 855
G104-17-38854 N.O.S. Piston, turret traverse mech. control cam, small A245610 740
G183-529-4740 N.O.S. Piston, w/rings & pins - G104, 187, 199, 204, 205, 210, 225, 226, 233 - Standard 460
G226-529-4740* N.O.S. Pistons w/rings &pins assy-GAA G183-529-4740/A294740 271
G104-174-0293 N.O.S. Plate & bushing assy B207409 2054
G104-530-3295 N.O.S. Plate, carb. throttle valve (4 per unit) GAA A303295 - BS383155 15C
G104-706-7260 N.O.S. Plate, engine clutch, driven assy. Cont engine 59
G104-17-40330 N.O.S. Plate, generator brush holder w/spring, Delco 651
G104-174-0386 N.O.S. Plate, lock ground screw 1225
G104-538=1398 T.O. Plate, seat bearing - 1 3/4" x 6" A381398 918
G104-538-1397 T.O. Plate, seat bearing - 2 5/8" x 6" A381397 919
G104-560-1311 T.O. Plate, seat mounting assy C101311 2371
G104-700-7239 N.O.S. Plate, starter, baffle with seal, Delco, 1 req. Radial eng. DR-1887762 800F
H004-050-6005 N.O.S. Plug, M4A3, collector ring to master switch box cable, 90 degree, split shell, 1 req. A-311620 / 506005 297D
G163-034-0750 N.O.S. Plug, Outlet, instrumenet panel, insert for 2 contact points 23210348080 574
G104-010-1668 N.O.S. Plug, oil drain, Continental 2270
G104-521-5441 N.O.S. Plunger 1222
G104-167-9865* N.O.S. Post mount; .50cal, pintal locking pin w/handle B229666/2540 816 6512 18
G205-619-7335 N.O.S. Pulley, GAA, drive, cooling fan, 2 req. splined B197335 192
G198-705-8728 N.O.S. Quill, accessory crankshaft worm hub, 14 and 22 splines, GAA, 1 req. FM-GAA6350 2432B
G104-5-3060 N.O.S. Ratchet, stationary 1887680 1303
T.O. Recoil guard, combination gun mount M62 D69967 15F
G104-770-6797 N.O.S. Regulator, voltage - current 24V 7000061 1383
G104-770-6797 T.O. Regulator, voltage, engine 24V, 50 amp w/box leads 7000061 1972
G104-2920-474-9888 N.O.S. Relay, voltage regulator 1445A
G205-56-01303 T.O. Release assy, turret gunners seat, M4A3 C101303 2443
G248-529-6996* N.O.S. Resistors, blackout headlight 24v to12v twin MM 40 gun M19A1 A296996 1011
G103-176-7782 N.O.S. Retainer oil bogie wheel B132704AB 260
G104-176-7616 N.O.S. Retainer, engine accessory drive, bevel pinion bearing, 1 req, G104, 187, 199, 203, 205, 210, 225, 226 FM-GAA6968 / A296573 2249A
G104-030-5478 N.O.S. Retainer, oil, turret trav. mech, main drive pinion A213708 800
G104-538-1402 T.O. Retainer, seat vertical adj. spring A381402 921
G104-176-9830 N.O.S. Ring set - standard - Ford GG6149A-- G.A.A. A296444 969
G210-74-16174 N.O.S. Ring set, piston, standard GAA G226-529-4742/A294742 1505
G210-741-6175 N.O.S. Ring sets - G.A.A. - Standard 670
G103-010-4926 N.O.S. Ring, Piston A190538 1748B
G104-516-6123 N.O.S. Ring, lock (Track support roller bearing) 416
G104-709-9422 N.O.S. Ring, radial engine, lining, front main bearing support, .005 oversize O.D. & standard I.D., 1 req. 359A
G104-177-3307* N.O.S. Rod, connecting w/bushing-G104, 187, 199, 204, 205, 210, 225, 226, 233 2805 562 4333; C124333 394
2910-625-8218* N.O.S. Rod, throttle assy., GAA 43
G104-177-3595 N.O.S. Rotor, Magneto distributor, American Bosch, radial eng. 2 req. C-92117 863
G104-700-7297 N.O.S. Rotor, magnet, magneto - Also G187, 199, 204, 205, 210, 225, 226 & 233 863A
G104-010-2025* T.O. Scoop, air, carburetor - R975 engine D50207 2229
G104-040-1500 T.O. Screen, transmission oil filter B181958 475
G104-010-2171 N.O.S. Screw 1231
G104-178-1819 N.O.S. Screw, cap - socket head steel 1224
G104-050-348 N.O.S. Screw, carburator 1227
G183-70-0124 N.O.S Screw, flat 1228
G104-010-0606 N.O.S. Screw, fulcrum, float, w/rod assembly 424
G104-752-0791 N.O.S. Screw, rubbing, plate, narrow track suspension arm 24 req. 981C
G204-700-7379 N.O.S. Screws and washers 1358
G104-628-9530 N.O.S. Seal, Garlock mfr. 703C
G104-524-4899 N.O.S. Seal, Orcotite, oil suspension, wheel (Part of Brg. 244898) A244899 1571
G104-040-1688 N.O.S. Seal, differential oil sump oil passage, 1 req. M4A1, M4A3 etc. A227916 703B
G104-030-5699* N.O.S. Seal, oil turret traversing mechanism mtr. adapter A244855 1432
G104-6578-351 T.O. Seat Frame Assy D78351 300
D78351 T.O. Seat assy, drivers & asst drivers (third type) w/seat bottom & sub base 2439
G104-657-8351 T.O. Seat assy, drivers & asst. drivers - no cushions, back rest, or seat pan (3rd type) D78351 483
G232-703-3291* N.O.S. Seat backs - M43 motor carriage 7033 291 13
T.O. Seat base 106
G104-625-5992* N.O.S & Repro Seat cushions, 12 3/4" x 14" x 4" thick w/1" taper to rear 152
FOM-20X1716C* T.O. Seat support assy, M4A4, M4 & M4A1 drivers, asst driver & gunner, also LVT4 (2nd type) D78095 742
G104-238-2199 N.O.S. Seat, driver, co-driver - trimmed w/o base D78351 188
G104-234-0222* N.O.S. Segment assy, periscope housing C-96668 A & B 2339
G104-163-2448 N.O.S. Sending unit - M4A4 M.C. Diesel 819
G226-529-3808* N.O.S. Sending unit, eng. temp. G226, G103, G104 & others 333
G104M4A1E8 T.O. Sets of tracks (G104, G226) 23"-2 trks w/spiked guides; 2 with no guides 515
G104 652 8358 N.O.S. Shaft driven engine oil pump 427
G104-178-4613 N.O.S. Shaft, drive assy, govenor, M4A3, GAA, 1 req. 7058760 / NI-50960A 422A
G104-039-6346 N.O.S. Shaft, drive, upper 22 & 38 outer splines 11.92" O.A. (Accessory Drive) M4A3 469
G104-050-1040 N.O.S. Shaft, hand crank assy B155965 1184
G104-03-06190 N.O.S. Shaft, secondary, turret hand operated trav. mech., 1 req. B183282 / NP-C-85019 653
T.O. Sherman 105 mm firing solenoid, safety mounting bracket 475
G104-700-2846 N.O.S. Shield, magneto, radio suppression - left or right G.A.A. 7002846 2248
G104-534-9619 N.O.S. Shim, .015" thick, turret traverse mechanism main casting A349619 742B
T.O. Shocks, wide track 2467
C99332 N.O.S. Shoe, brake (one piece hsg, double anchor brake) 2033-A
C97208/C99331/C99333 N.O.S. Shoe, steering brake, btm assy w/lining trivets M4 & M4A1-Also fits G204,G128,185,187,199,205,207,210,233 & 237 2033
G104-178-5075* T.O. Shunt, engine starter cable junction box w/terminal assy 6208455 117
G104-658-2138 T.O. Slip ring box assy, 16A
G104-833-1024 N.O.S. Slip ring box assy-factory modification kit to replace D82138 normally used in M4A3 & M4A1 16A
G104-050-0311* N.O.S. Slip-ring box assy G103-010-0615 16
G104-178-9510 N.O.S. Spacer, GAA, crankshaft camshaft, lower drive shaft worm, 1 req. FM-GG6311 - A296464 2049
G104-538-3896 N.O.S. Spacer, clutch control, throwout bracket, vertical adj. stud A383896 1515D
G104-030-6410 N.O.S. Spacer, tu, vertical suspension, wheel bearing center 1445B
G104-752-0784 N.O.S. Spacer, unknown 11178 741A
HO 14S N.O.S. Spark plug - Little Joe Generator 778
N.O.S. Spark plug, 63S, Champion, Radial Engine 635 152A
LS88* N.O.S. Spark plug, LS88, compatable to 63S, radial engine 152
C220-00-562-2179* N.O.S. Spotlight shields 64
G104-705-8697 N.O.S. Spring Compression, Clucth Pressure Plate, 30 per unit 5340 705 8697 403
T.O./N.O.S. Spring suspension, wide track, bogie assy 2464
G104-534-5723* N.O.S. Spring, compression - Azimuth indicator - M19-M20 A345723 982
G104-620-9959 T.O. Spring, tension; 1-1/4" OD x 11" free lgh. vertical adj. B209959 923
G104-538-1407 T.O. Spring, tension; 9/16" OD x 3" free lgh. A381407 922
N.O.S. Sprocket, snowflake style 2466
G104-050-4369 N.O.S. Starter/Magneto switches for dash panel A8
T.O. Starters for C1 & C4 engines - Delco Remy Model 1108685 - 24V 71
G104 T.O. Storage door - inside 475
2220-203440 N.O.S. Sump, oil, right w/studs 1351
N.O.S. Support, sand skirt, weld on type - 8-3/4"L x 1-5/8"W, channel type 1998
D78360 N.O.S. Support, turret platform .30 Cal. ammo box assy, M4, M4A1 w/105 2248
G104-050-4283 N.O.S. Switch (35amp) Turret control box Gun firing and stabilizer 423
G179-702-8436* N.O.S. Switch assy. Pistol grip, spot light handle SD908019 1343
G170-039-3786* N.O.S. Switch selector, fuel tank, inst panel assy. M10-M10A1, M4& M4A1 Sherman, " used with Sherman instrutmnet panel D50202" B194623 171
G104-050-4283 N.O.S. Switch, 35 Amp A226862 1226
G104-629-6308* N.O.S. Switch, Turret Master/also for G104, 185, 187, G402-Dodge CCB296308 B193697A 111
G104-030-7177 N.O.S. Switch, electric traverse 936
G104-538-1601 N.O.S. Switch, emergency stop - Bulkhead terminal box assy. A381601 860
G226-538-4601* N.O.S. Switch, horn w/terminal assy, M4, M4A1, M4-105mm, M4A2, M4A3 A384601 / MCR-9-11175 934B
G104-309-0302 N.O.S. Switch, instrument panel, rotary - fuel gauge 934
G104-309-0303* N.O.S. Switch, instrutment light, w/o control lever, off/dim/bright etc. rotary 5 position, 1 req. M4A1 76mm C102763 / DM-6329 934A
H004-050-6624 N.O.S. Switch, master - single pole - pull turn control knob 467
G104-538-1601 N.O.S. Switch, stop, Bulkhead terminal box emergency assy 1229
G104-524-4792 N.O.S. Switch, temperature sending unit, 232 Degree 438022 800B
G104-16-32448 N.O.S. Switch, temperature sending unit, M4A4 Chryslermutli bank 800C
BC 1361 N.O.S. Switchbox BC1361, Interphone Comm - on/off switch & signal switch 714
Tank expansion
G104-700-8993* N.O.S. Tank, fuel, vertical, right, welded, also for M7 Priest 2434
M76G T.O. Telescope - M76G; 105mm Howitzer - Stock No. 84327 497
T.O. Telescope headrest and bracket 76mm. Crack on headrest adjustment clamp C131754 345B
M70G N.O.S. Telescope, 3" Gun 1476
N.O.S. Telescope, tankers Mft 1943 - T93 593
N.O.S. Tow cable (For show only) - 20' 570
* T.O. Track Jacks B484
* T.O. Track Jacks, Armored (Small) 1" x 17 1/2" screw A484
7069576 T.O. Track assy. T80, steel type, 79 shoes - each 792
G104-6200254 T.O. Transmission breather w/element assy B200254 475
G104 T.O. Transmission oil cooler - M4A1E8 475
G104-771-2644* N.O.S. Trough, oil, eng. magneto drive & fan driving gear 1 req. GAA & GAF (supercedes trough C124340A) C124411A - GAF-6857 863C
G104-350-4942 N.O.S. Tube 653A
G104-620-7814 N.O.S. V.V.S.S. Upper track support roller 341
G179-530-7554 N.O.S. Valve, exhaust, A307554, supereded by valve A307326 SD516573 1537
G104-010-3230 N.O.S. Valve, exhaust, C-1 Radial, 9 req. CO-200604 / B154575 2805 529 8541 334
G104-050-4765 N.O.S. Valve, govenor & intake, Little Joe, HLA610, HL19185 2031
G104-05A-245673 N.O.S. Valve, governor - intake aux. eng. assy HC-A6010 1218
G104-182-7210* N.O.S. Valve, intake, Chrysler Mopar M4A4/Multibank Engine A-57-Sets of 2 612-870048 1534
G104-182-7210 N.O.S. Valve, intake, Chrysler multi bank engine A57, M4A4 612-870048 1534
G104-182-7190 N.O.S. Valve, intake, engine G.A.A. B258312 2046
G104-705-8668 N.O.S. Valves, Exhaust - G.A.A. FM-GG-6507-B3 114
G163-700-6841 N.O.S. Valves, engine exhaust, C4 Radial 266
G104-050-4350 N.O.S. Washer - Continental Motors 581
G104-705-6103 N.O.S. Washer, Lock, S, 3 1/4 I.D. , .094 thk Horiz. Susp. Rr Idler 1230
G104-010-3443 N.O.S. Washer, spring shim 10-1792-2 1200
G104-538-4343 N.O.S. Washer, thrust, inner roller disk bearing, horizontal suspension, 6 reg. 1445C
G104-517-6090 N.O.S. Wedges, track A176090 81
T.O. Winch, recovery vehicle winches - Car CO. Model F - 12V 8329412 (Pac Car & Foundry 74
N.O.S. Window, Eye piece lense telescope, M70G telescope 1395
W128-9* N.O.S. Wire, Radio antenna - 9ft 715
G104-185-1210 N.O.S. Worm, camshaft drive, GAA, upper, 2 req FM-GAA6863 / B258207 2432A
N.O.S. Wrench, track B248179 2472
Seat Parts - Driver/Co-driver
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