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Part # Cond Description OS/MFG/ORD No. Bin
* Unissued/used Ammo can, WWII - M2 - used non welded, welded 801
H12-13-03025 N.O.S. Bearing, clutch pilot w/dbl. oil shield A214379/WI354622 1472
G067-120-1290* N.O.S. Bearing, std. Front main, crankshaft for Hercules JXD engine G136-011-8119 1280
G067-05-01401* N.O.S. Blade, windshield wiper, 7 1/4"L, 2 required B185472 810B
G067-09-00270* N.O.S. Block, junction w/ fuses & clips 2263A
G67-210-0040* N.O.S. Boot, drag link rear B156113 2154
G102-560-0433* N.O.S Boot, steering knuckle, rubber C100433 1617
G067-050-1860* N.O.S. Bracket, shovel mounting Handle end, D A19309 1960
* Repro Bracket, shovel mounting, spade end 1960B
G067-`900`40* T.O. Restored Bracket, support, steering column (Mtd on inst panel) C67587 1608
G102-020-0022* T.O. Restored Bracket, throttle control cross rod assy B184151 1610
G102-020-0750* T.O. Restored Bracket, throttle control cross shaft assy B184153 1610A
G102-030-0825* N.O.S. Bracket, transmission, reverse rod B184271 2219
G067-09-00665* N.O.S. Brush set, generator, 12V 2248
* N.O.S. Bulbs, trouble light , WWII - for new style single contact socket - 12-16V 1089
G067-12-00159 N.O.S. Bushing, water pump drive, white #96309 1625A
A214326,327,322,324,427,216,322 N.O.S. Button horn, misc parts - Plain - No ROSS 513D
G102-030-0331* N.O.S. Button, horn assy. 7 pcs. - Plain - No ROSS B184463 513B
G067-120-0180* N.O.S. Camshafts (.0356 in lift) Engine lots 3 and up 129
G067-080-0050* N.O.S. Cap, filler, radiator for vehicle w/surge tank B184618 2135
G102-030-1125* N.O.S. Cap, transfer case, main shaft rear bearing W/oil seal assy A294023 2198
G067-160-0260* T.O. Case, instrument cluster, with Bezel and glass A169294/SW-G95668 2211A
G067-653-9695 N.O.S. Clutch Assy. with cover and member D39695 116
G102-020-1745* N.O.S. Cover, transmission shift on transfer case 2115
G067-030-0450 N.O.S. Felt, front axle wheel bearing oil seal B167770 1589
G067-060-0730* N.O.S. Felt, trackdrive sprocket or front wheel brake shoe anchor pin A214971 2112
G067-030-0460* N.O.S. Flange, companion, front axle differential drive pinion B156159 2193
G067-120-0500* N.O.S. Gasket, cylinder head JXD Engine-Copper & Steel types C689991/HM2236C 1594
G103-159-3625* N.O.S. Gasket, door, mldg. RV, B.O. market light A265618 2020
G067* T.O. Gasket, gauge bezel, speedometer or cluster gauge 2211C
GL921789* N.O.S. Gasket, rubber, headlight lens/reflector B16725/HRD4912-35 1552
G067-160-0030* N.O.S. Gauge, ammeter assy SN G105820 A226028 706
G102-040-0440* N.O.S. Gauge, cluster assy., French Mfg. 2211
G067-160-0200* N.O.S. Gauge, fuel level A169293 107D
G103-020-1427* N.O.S. Gauge, oil pressure A169292/C85670 107A
G102-040-0900* N.O.S. Gauge, water temp with capillary(aka Indicator) B184389 107B
G102-030-3090* N.O.S. Gear, drive, transmission to power take off (on transmission countershaft) B184270 2217
G102-030-3160* N.O.S. Gear, driven, speedometer, in transfer case - front drive shaft , rear cap bearing A214954 2218
G102-030-3180* N.O.S. Gear, main drive, transmission C85614 2216
G067* T.O. Glass, speedo and cluster 2211B
8465-01-004-2893* N.O.S. Goggles, sun, wind & dust w/clear & gray lenses 1723
* T.O. Grenade, pineapple, demilled 856
G067-090-3070 N.O.S. Grommets, spark plug rubber bevel - engine lots 3 & 4 .510 OD x .203 810
G067-050-2570* N.O.S. Handle, door, inner driver/co-driver 2134
G067-050-2580* N.O.S. Handle, door, outer driver/co-driver A215386 2189
G067-050-2600* N.O.S. Handle, hood lifting, engine A215425 2100
G067-190-0470* T.O. Headlight guard, fender mounted (drivers side) D38073 1620
G067-05-02800* T.O. Hinge, hood, inner, 6 required A215374/WI-389223 1589A
42-P-5347* N.O.S. Kit, field cotter pins. Asst - 75pcs; 1-1/2" - 2-21/2" 1074
G067-060-0890* N.O.S. Kit, repair master cylinder A323095 683
* N.O.S. Knob, "panel lights" switch with screw assy. 1846A
H004-050-4433* Restored Lamp B.O. Driving 6-8V 1236
H004-504-422* N.O.S. Lamp unit, B.O. stop - 12-16V assy GL5933308 1980
G136-737-5510* T.O. Lifter , engine valve 2228 739
G136-737-6610* N.O.S. Lifter, engine valve w/nut & screw (12 req) 1593A
M001-010-7356* N.O.S. Light, trouble, late style - single contact - clam shell type 2264
G067-060-0248* N.O.S. Lining set, front wheel brake - 4 facings & rivets A186508;WI364883 465
A385237 N.O.S. Manifolds, intake-exhaust W1412580 75
G067-070-0260 N.O.S. Member driven engine clutch w/rivets,springs & plates assy D39695 ; 90434 125
G067-040-0540* T.O. Nut, cap 3/4 x 16 N.F. R.H. thread - right sprocket B184322 109
* N/O/S/ Oil can machine gun - blue lettering & screw on cap w/chain 1071
G147-033-8758* N.O.S. Pin, anchor, track idler adjusting screw B184573 2213
G102-020-2341* N.O.S. Pintle hooks - 1/2T or Scout car - no springs included 34
G067-060-0050* N.O.S. Piston assy, master cylinder A167882 1151
G102-020-4643* T.O. Restored Plate, radiator louvre ratchet B185290 109
G067-120-0855* N.O.S. Plug, tectolite, end thrust (timing gear cover) 2030
G102-040-1261* N.O.S. Regulator - Individual part inside cover 3890 587
C100633A* N.O.S. Resistor w/cover B.O. Drive headlight 1554
G067-030-0910 N.O.S. Retainer, front axle wheel bearing oil seal B167771 1590
G136-737-6647* N.O.S. Ring set piston, .020 over - 24 pcs. Supersedes G067-120-1016 1520
G067-120-1017* N.O.S. Ring set, piston std. A284125A 1307
* N.O.S. Rod support, windshield armor plate, center & co drivers side 2026A
G102-020-4896* N.O.S. Rod, support windshield armor plate driver side B185205 2026
G102-050-0465* N.O.S. Saw, crosscut - 5ft. 2 man E3837 2236
G102-030-5576* N.O.S./T.O.(vg) Screw, shoulder, gear shifter rails, transmission B214811 2225
G067-040-0710 N.O.S. Seal, oil rear axle hub 1148
H013-05-00105* N.O.S. Seal, oil, transfer case main shaft bearing cap 2288
G067-230-0540 N.O.S. (Fresh) Seal, oil, transfer case rear output 2287
G102-020-5443* T.O. Restored Shaft, cross, throttle control B184150 1610B
G136-615-8447 N.O.S. Shaft, impeller water pump B158477 1573
G067-230-0055* N.O.S. Shaft, speedometer drive - 84"L W1384474 631
G102-030-6160* N.O.S. Shaft, transfer case, intermediate (Idler shaft) C85612 2200
G102-030-6080* N.O.S. Shaft, transmission reverse idler gear w/plug assy B184284 2194
G102-738-5446* N.O.S. Sleeve, compression spring pintle hook 16782 2114
G067-230-0710* N.O.S. Sleeve, speedometer driving gear (in trans.case frt dr. shaft rr brg cap. A167650 SP55-454-1 542
G102-030-5400* N.O.S. Snap ring, transmission counter shaft drive gear - 1-11/16" I.D. x .095 thick A214972 2228
G067-15-01701 N.O.S. Spring, throttle, pull-back WI-349895 2010A
G102-050-0065* N.O.S. Support, axe handle A138945 2113
* N.O.S. Switch assy, instrument panel (knob sold separartely) 1846B
A167682 N.O.S. Switch, stop light (hydraulic) into rear of master cylinder 1497
A167682 N.O.S. Switch, stop light (hydraulic) into rear of master cylinder G067-090-5870*
G067-090-5870* N.O.S. Switch, stoplight, (hydraulic), master cylinder, 1 req., also fits G102 & G507 A167682 2288A
G067-210-0560 T.O. Tube, jacket, steering gear B184180 875
G067-210-0030* N.O.S. U-Bolt, steering column A167836 2205
G067-12-01540* N.O.S. Valve, engine intake Hercules JXD Engine, Studebaker - 643422 1592
G102-030-7060* N.O.S. Washer, retaining, transfer case intermediate shaft bearing A214852 2226
G102-030-7380* N.O.S. Washer, thrust, transmission main shaft, 2nd speed gear (2 required) A214825 2227
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