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G-226 M26-PERSHING Tank
Part # Cond Description OS/MFG/ORD No. Bin
* Unissued/used Ammo can, WWII - M2 - used non welded, welded 801
D78232A T.O. Azimuth indicator - M18-G104-G163-G244-G226 C25
D78232A T.O. Azimuth indicator - M19-G104-G163-G244-G226 B25
D78232A T.O. Azimuth indicator - M20-G104-G163-G244-G226 A25
525085* T.O. Base, intake for carburetor NAY5G3 2171B4 1588A
G226-529-6735* N.O.S. Bearing, Camshaft, intermediate, w/ cap and dowels pins 12 req. ( Supercedes bearing 7058674)GAA FM-GG6622, A296735 285A
G226-529-6734* N.O.S. Bearing, camshaft, front left w/cap - GAA FMGG6221/A296734 285
G104-151-8074* N.O.S. Bearing, camshaft, front right w/cap - GAA FMGG6271/A296453 306
G226-529-4745 N.O.S. Bearing, main - Standard GAA (sold in pairs) 2805 529 4745 9
T.O. Carburetor, HHV-5 2354A
G226-73-28907 N.O.S. Clamp assy., Chrysler, 1952 2272
G104-177-3307 N.O.S. Connecting rod w/bushing,G226,G104 C124333 394
* N.O.S. Connector, track link, if complete with wedge, bolt & nut add $4.00 ea. 2399
T.O. VG Escape hatches 388
G226-529-6645* N.O.S. Harness assy; Magneto, w/sp plug wires & caps, G.A.A. 444
42-P-5347* N.O.S. Kit, field cotter pins. Asst - 75pcs; 1-1/2" - 2-21/2" 1074
N.O.S. Lock, turret traversing 2354
G104-330-4140 N.O.S. Nozzle, fixed fire ext. shielded rear right & left 3/16 orifice, 2 req., smaller B183323 - 7037039 297B
G104-618-3326* N.O.S. Nozzle, fixed fire ext. system, shielded front & center, right & left 9/32 orifice, 4 req. large orifice B183326 297C
H013-0500775 N.O.S. Oil, seal, roadwheel 7058236 / P/NB1327040 2380
* N.O.S. Periscope M16H 2418
G226-629-6713* N.O.S. Pipe,cap, oil filler, left side 392
G226-529-4740 N.O.S. Pistons w/rings &pins assy-GAA G183-529-4740/A294740 271
G226-703-5046 N.O.S. Regulator assy 176
G226-659-0025 T.O. Seat, gunners assy. D90025 2443A
G226-529-3808* N.O.S. Sending unit, eng temp: G226, G103, G104 & others 333
H003-010-2120* N.O.S. Strap, leather, for pioneer tools - 1 3/16" x 13" 1062
* T.O. Track Jacks B484
* T.O. Track Jacks, Armored (Small) 1" x 17 1/2" screw A484
T.O. Track set - w/center guides
G104-771-2644* N.O.S. Trough, oil, eng. magneto drive & fan driving gear 1 req. GAA & GAF (supercedes trough C124340A) C124411A - GAF-6857 863C
Part # Cond Description OS/MFG/ORD No. Bin
G122-011-5782 N.O.S. Brake band C1116239 832
N.O.S. Cap, gas tank w/retainer ring & chain 831
N.O.S. Kit, head gasket (partial) valve cover gasket - 7-8 others 844A
N.O.S. Kit, head gasket complete 844
G122-030-7401 N.O.S. Nut, rebound relief valve 1244
G122-033-8698 N.O.S. Piston, standard GM2136841 727
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